May 21, 2006

Milligan Minute

For all those unaware, the Milligan Minute is a place to read the thoughts of a Mad Man. So lets get started.

Baseball is in full swing and everything that is wrong with Baseball is taking center stage. Barry Bonds just hit homerun 714 to tie Babe Ruth. The New York Yankees and Mets and their purchased teams are in first place in their respective divisions. That is what I hate about baseball, teams in the smaller markets can not compete and get left behind and this makes for no revenue in these markets during the later months of the season. They can never recover. Baseball needs to take a long look in the mirror and step up and ratify a salary cap. I know this will mean some of the great old time players will get run out of town when they get to expensive, but this will make George Steinbrenner stop holding a fire sale on his farm team. The farm system is what keeps fans interested in the game. I don’t like watching a team of a bunch of guys purchased to play one or two seasons. They don’t have anything vested in the franchise. Fans want to watch a player rise up from the ranks and have some vested interest on how this kid develops. They want to see him become the super star for their team. They don’t want to see an aging star that cant play every day because his knees cant handle jogging to first base.
Until baseball levels the playing field and makes everyone competitive, baseball will never be America's game. It will be the game of the fans in a few select cities and everyone else is thinking football season cant get here soon enough.