November 18, 2008

The Legend of The Mongoose

So maybe it's not sweeping the nation yet. Hell, I don't think it's even spread to South Quad. But among our circle of ND Basketball apologists, our very own Big East POY and All-American was affectionately dubbed The Mongoose when he hit the hardwood two years ago (thank you Fredo). Something about his visage, coupled with some characteristic traits of mongoose in the wild and the fact that there just aren't many actual nicknames bestowed on players these days, made The Mongoose seem appropriate and downright necessary. 'Gody is a name for Coach Brey and his teammates to call him, but it's not a nickname. Rather, it's an abbreviation, a quicker way to say "Harangody! Pass me the ball!" But Luke deserves a true nickname from the student body and his adoring fans nationwide. Give Dickie V another reason to go bonkers when he talks about this PTPer. "Oh Baby! The Leprechaun Legion loves The Mongoose! What a super, scintillating and sensational player! The Mongoose will be Dancing in March this year!"

You may be thinking, The Mongoose, really? Actually, the similarities are quite striking:


- Known for their agility and cunning
- Beady, brown eyes that regularly dominate the competition in sanctioned Staring Contests
- Closely-coiffed dome for greater aerodynamic powers
- A highlight reel of game-saving and family-saving exploits (Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is regularly shown on ESPNKids)
- Carniverous creatures who feast on an assortment of rodents, birds, reptiles, frogs, and the occasional oversized, slow Center
- Not afraid to enter battle with King Cobras (no, not that kind), especially the species native to Tanzania
- Attacks in many ways, be it through an uncanny ability to get to the rim, a surprisingly accurate mid-long range shot, tenacity on the glass, running the break, or simply sinking it's sharp teeth into a snake's spine.
- Lovable to the point that kids want to bring them home with them

If Sunday's season opener was a harbinger of what's to come, The Mongoose is already on the loose!

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