November 25, 2008

Why isn't USC getting the benefit of the doubt??

With all the discussion of the national championship picture out there, something is starting to trouble me about the way this thing is going down.

Where is the respect for USC???

Believe me when I say that I can't stand USC and root for them to lose every game they play, but there is no denying their record of success in the Pete Carroll era. Of all the "heavyweight" football programs out there, USC is the heavyweight of the heavyweights. The kings of college football during the 2000s. No program has come up better in big games than USC, and no team has had more talent than the Trojans. Pete Carroll is the best "big game" coach in the country.

And yet, when you look at the college football rankings right now, they are falling in line behind notorious chokers like Texas and Oklahoma. This is the same Oklahoma program that was being touted as the "greatest team of all time" heading into their national title game in 2005 against USC, and USC beat them 55-19. Don't we see this every year out of OU??? They pile up ridiculous stats and numbers in the Big 12, and then fall on their face in a bowl game.

When has USC ever come up small in a big game?? Shouldn't there be some level of respect for USC because of what they have done the last ten years?? I know the Pac 10 is down this year, but is that USC's fault?? They are going to finish with 1 loss just like the other Big 12 powers. If USC and OU were playing on a neutral site, would any of you really bet against Pete Carroll and the USC Trojans in that game?? How do we know that the Big 12 is really that strong?? No one in that conference is playing any defense.

While it seems that consensus is forming that the title game should be the SEC champ against the Big 12 champ, I think it would be a travesty if USC doesn't have a say in the national title race. They have the same number of losses as Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas Tech. Now more than ever, the belt system would be appropriate to settle the 3 way battle between the Pac 10, Big 12, and SEC.

-Speaking of Oklahoma and Texas, how are they going to resolve this mess??? If OU goes over Texas, how would that be even remotely fair considering that Texas beat Oklahoma on a neutral field?? I'm not saying that Texas is better than OU, but it would be nuts to award OU with the Big 12 South spot if Texas beat them and has the same number of losses.

Gotta admit that I am rooting for Oklahoma State to pull off the shocker at "Bedlam" this weekend. If Okla St wins that game, OU is out and USC might be able to sneak into the title picture. A USC-Florida title game would be incredible.

- Notre Dame - the basketball school! Great win for the Irish against a depleted Hoosiers squad. Tory Jackson played an outstanding game last night. he has always been a good point guard, but I hope he makes the leap into the elite category now that he is a junior.

Looking forward to this Texas game tonight. Sounds like Texas is really physical and athletic, so it will be an interesting matchup for our team. I hope we are ready to play. A win over Texas would be a huge statement early in the year.

God bless basketball season and Coach Michael Montgomery Brey. It is a breath of fresh air after this horrific football season (which has been worse than the 2007 season if you ask me).

-- Speaking of college hoops, is there a better college basketball analyst on the planet than Jay Bilas?? He is to college hoops analysis what Gary Danielson is to college football analysis. Bilas always gives you great insight into the teams on the floor, and he is the smartest guy in the business. His analysis of ND's team is always spot on. Throw in Sean McDonough's great voice and Bill Raftery's comedy, and that trio is my favorite college hoops team out there. Big East fans are lucky to have them around for Big Monday and other Big East games.

Let's go Irish. Beat the Longhorns!

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Ravi said...

Amen Douglas. USC has lost ONE big game since they became the juggernaut that they currently are and it took a superhuman performance out of Vince Young to beat the Trojans. Corso alluded to this fact a few weeks back on Gameday when he said he’d take the Trojans in a championship game against anyone in the country. I agree. I’d crawl through glass to see the SEC Champion play USC for the title. OU has lost its last FOUR BCS bowls, including an embarrassing loss to mid-major Boise State in the 2007 Fiesta (a game in which they were had by a hook-and-ladder AND a Statue of Liberty ). Pretty sure crazy Pete Carroll would throw himself off a building if he lost four BCS games in a row. In the words of the infamous James Earnest Mora, “I don’t care you who you play,” if you give up 7.7 pts per game and a total of 222 yards, you’re pretty f-ing good.