February 07, 2006

Subliminal Message

He thinks, therefore he coaches.

The prestige of his own video game validates his coaching prowess, joining the pantheon of immortals like John Madden, Bill Walsh and Coach K.

A stickler for fundamentals.

Comes equipped with his own fashion statement.

Oops, I meant this fashion statement. The Phantom of the JACC.

Will raise the roof off the JACC and be a cult hero for the Leprechaun Legion.

Can take a charge for Homeland Security.

Experience with former Irish legends.

Knows what it takes to be a champion.

Did I mention he knows how to win?

Wanna hear a funny joke? Notre Dame's Big East record.

Oh snap!


Jeremy said...

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to take away from this, but if you're suggesting that Bill Laimbeer should be the next man to stalk the sidelines at the Joyce Center, we might have to have some serious words...

Matt said...

Jimbo, i know you are upset. But let's think rationally here. Let me start out by saying i'm still a brey-backer so i'm not going to attach names to my scenarios. But if we were to get a new coach, a few options. If you tell me we need a young gun head coach from a proven mid-major, i'll allow it. If you tell me we need an established older coach who has been in major conference basketball, i'll allow it. If you tell me we need to hire a Tom Izzo, Jim Calhoun or Jim Boeheim disciple, i'll allow it. But if you tell me that we need to hire a man who has made his name by coaching a team that you, me, corbett ryan, zellers with a torn acl and father doyle could challenge, then i do not allow it. Just because the man went to notre dame does not make him a great candidate.

Doug said...


I'm a Brey supporter too, so you'd have to really throw out a great name to get me excited.

Bill Laimbeer is not one of those names.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Jimmy. Let's nip this Brey thing in the bud and send him back to Delaware. No possibility of a basketball Davie. Great guy, can't win a real game and decreasing quality of the athletes and gamers recruited. Only problem here- he doens't have the Irish mystique to fall back on. Laimbeer? Hell, I'd try Muffett at this point.

Anonymous said...



i'm anonymous. woo! woo!

barabas said...

Har har jimmy, ill show my true self. i lived to stalk you from afar with my anonymity, but now i will show my true face. actually it was just easier to be anonymous than to own up to the fact i dont have a webpage on this form down here.

Zeller said...

I think I literally have gone back and forth with the Brey issue 40 times in the last 2 years. For about the last month, though, I've been firmly a brey-backer. This has been one of the most preposterously unlikely seasons that any team I can ever remember, has ever had. And yet those guys still are going balls out every damn night. We could easily, easily be in tournament contention right now with a minimal amount of luck.

Do I understand why he has allowed Zeller and Jordan Cornette to act like they are the second coming of Sam Perkins? No

Do I place some blame on him for the large early leads we've given up in most of the ten losses? Yes

Still, for some reason, I feel like he has been a little unlucky with players that have come through. Rick and Torin have developed ZERO since they have been here.

Torin hasn't developed a left hand, which really hurts them. He gets his men out of position, but if they are on his right shoulder, they still block the shot or are able to foul and prevent him from making it because he can't switch the ball to his left hand, even for a finger role or dump in. And his only move is basically a series of pump fake/up & unders. No jump hook, no baseline jumper, nothin.

Rick has some pretty great post moves, and it seems like his FG% is probably about 75%, but he won't discipline himself to not commit stupid fouls, and hasn't been able to integrate the foul line jumper for 4 years. Seriously, how hard is a damn foul line jumper? And how dangerous would he be with it. Maybe Rick's best offensive ability is driving a bigger man from the foul line to the block, getting him on his shoulder, and tossing in the easy bank shot. If they don't have to guard him at the foul line, takes away the drive.

You can't say that people haven't developed under Brey. Carrol and Quinn (and it looks like Carter) are prime examples of that. They're games became multi-dimensional as they got older, primarily by adding things that you only develop through hard work. Both were good shooters when they got here. And some people argue that you can either shoot or you can't (vision/depth perception might play a role). But being able to shoot off the dribble and off the drive is something that you only develop by hours of work and repitition of getting your body under control and in a position to get the ball up.

I think everybody is in agreement that this is a completely different team if Rick and Torin were worth 2 shats. Developing a left hand and a foul line jump shot are two things that a monkey and a 8 year old can be good at, as long as they work at it. You can't tell me that either of them have any sort of work ethic.

This long response is basically just an agreement to what Doug has already said. With different players (mainly big men willing to work hard to develop), I think we are saying very different things about Brey right now. And it looks like our commitments are starting to be a little more consistent.

Lastly, McLarney is starting to look like a young Tom Coverdale.

Anonymous said...

bill lambeer is a great idea. jimmy, you are a freaking genius!!!!

bill lambeer would take us to the promised land.


still anonymous