April 11, 2006

Taking the Bus to the Hall of Fame

Put Jerome Bettis and Hall of Fame in the same sentence and you start picturing that cozy Ohio football mecca, Canton. Alas, the Bus must wait in the depot a few years before that inevitable call.

But thanks to the PBA, a bust will be enshrined this summer to the ring-toting Notre Dame star, inducting Jerome as the very first Celebrity Bowling Hall of Famer.

Unbeknownst to many, Bettis has been an avid bowler since childhood. Those Campbell Chunky Soup commercials in the bowling alley weren't a coincidence.

Football was his profession, but bowling remains his past time, and he happens to be pretty damned good. He maintains a 200+ average on the greased lanes, even laying claim to a perfect 300 game, a turkey party John Madden would have been proud of.

All hail the Bus. Hopefully his athletic career is reincarnated on the PBA Tour. You're telling me you wouldn't be glued to the set watching the drama unfold between Bettis and bowling royalty like bad boy Pete Weber, horseshoe champion Walter Ray Williams and the inspiration for the Bohn Zone, Parker Bohn III? Sign me up!

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