July 19, 2006

Football Season is Here!!! Virtually

NCAA Football 2007 is Here

While the season is still a month and a half away the Saturday Afternoon football fans can now get their fix. NCAA Football 2007 from EA sports is that fix. I went to Best Buy this afternoon with visions of National Championships dancing in my head. I rushed home to find out just how good the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish Varsity Travel Tackle Football Squad is. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the offense is. Brady Quinn and Jeff Samardzija are the best Touchdown Duo in the game. Everything thrown by Brady is on the money and Jeff makes catches that would make a Chinese acrobat jealous.

Darius does what he does best just run down hill and gain yards. The offensive line makes holes and protects Brady. But as a whole, the offense is as solid as a Brick Shit House.

Defense is where the season could be derailed. It seems every player on the team forgot how to wrap up when they tackle. I was ashamed to have given up a touchdown to The Gentleman Caller Joe Tiller and his Mustached Men from West Lafayette, because the secondary cant seem to tackle a running back on a sweep. I hope that isn’t a sign of things to come for the season.

NCAA 2007 fills the much-needed void that has existed since the National Championship Game until the first kick off of the new season. Since then there has been a top five recruiting class, a spring game, and a bunch of recruits that have committed before they even take a snap of their senior seasons. All of this is trying to fill the emptiness that is the off-season.

Weekend Warriors rejoice in that fact that football season is around the corner and NCAA Football 2007 gives the fanatics a chance to live out their hopes and dreams of a National Championship in their living room. So teams like Boise State can use this time to get your National Championship out of the way. So you don’t have to complain later when you are undefeated in the WAC and claim to have a stake of the National Title.

So take solace football fans and gamers alike. NCAA 2007 is here to save you from yourself and going nuts refreshing NDNation and Irish Eyes every 5 minutes to see if Arrelious Benn has committed or if Gary Gray has spurned South Carolina for the Irish.

Get ready for the season in the virtual world then get ready to strap it up for the real thing on September 2nd at 8:00pm down in Atlanta.


irish fan said...

ok Sean, ridiculous question here...is that an actual ND cover for CF 07? I am in AZ and only Reggie graces the cover...unfortunately!

Sean said...

No, that is not an actual cover for the game. Unfortunately like you I am stuck with a copy with the Bush Pusher on it. I found that cover on the internet as a an alternative cover that people can print out.

irish fan said...

Thanks Sean.