June 26, 2008

The Future - Tommy Hanson!

It's shaping up to be a long summer for Braves fans, especially when the realization sinks in that the last act of John Montgomery Schuerholz was to trade away the farm for Mark Teixeira, who will not be leading the Braves to the playoffs as hoped. Despite the quest for .400 from Chipper and the All-Star season being put in by McCann, too many injuries have sabotaged this season. Well, that and the transformation of Jeff Francouer into Jason Michaels.

But the future looks a lot brighter this morning after Tommy Hanson threw a 14 K no hitter in AA last night. The kid is only 21, is 6'6 and has 98 strikeouts in 90 innings this year. Suddenly a rotation next year of Hudson, Jurrjens, Morton, Reyes and Hanson doesn't look so bad. (Note to Frank Wren: please please please do not trade Hanson + prospects to Pittsburgh for Jason Bay). I wouldn't be upset if the Braves trade Tex before the deadline and restock the farm system, maybe get a legit corner bat, and then let's start clearing space at Turner Field for that 2009 NL East banner (maybe right next to the ridiculous cow they just installed).


Doug said...

Intriguing. Here's a little write up from Baseball America about Tommy Hanson. Some of the names he is above on this list are pretty impressive.


For us uneducated in the world of the Atlanta Braves, what are your thoughts on Charlie Morton? Are you higher on him than JoJo Reyes??

Sean said...

I wouldnt count us out of the NL east just yet. With the Mets struggling and the Phills doing their greg norman on sunday at the master choke job, we can seek in or fight it out with FLA.

As for Teixeira I dont think we sould drop him yet and I think we should resign him. I like what he brings to the table switch hitter with power and a gold glove at first base. He cost us a lot but he has helped that is for sure. Who help us at first base the last ten years? LeRoche? I think not.

The cows are a bit much but at least we have the largest HD TV in all of baseball

Matt said...

Doug - great point. I edited my post to reflect Reyes. I guess I'm a little hesitant to totally buy into Reyes yet. I still have memories of his atrocious starts for Atlanta last year. But he dominated at Richmond this year in 5 starts (25 K's in 23IP, 1.17 ERA), he's still only 23 years old and has been pretty good for the Braves. I'm a Morton believer but I like Reyes too. I don't think he'll be flaming out like Kyle Davies or Horacio Ramirez.

Matt said...

Dude - if I thought there was any way in the world the Braves could resign Tex than I wouldn't trade him. I just figured being a Boras guy that he was going to the Yankees or Orioles and that was that. I'm petrified of the thought of Scott Thorman at first base on Opening Day 2009.

I wouldn't count the Braves out either - but I'll be shocked if they're still hanging around in September. Although I'll never put anything past a Bobby Cox and Chipper Jones led team.