October 07, 2009

WEISND Roundtable Week 6 Picks: Nebraska-Missouri, LSU-Florida, Bama-Ole Miss, Ohio State-Wisconsin, and more

ND bye weeks are always a bummer for me, but I'm looking forward to some of the games this weekend. Throw in all these baseball playoff games, and it's going to be a great sports weekend.

Before we get to the picks, I wanted to put in a plug for a great new t-shirt for the 2009 Notre Dame football season. The Cardiac Catholics!! Does it get any better than that in describing this crazy season?? Not sure if my heart can take much more of these close games, but the Cardiac Irish keep finding a way to get it done.

The shirts were designed by a Notre Dame grad who got in touch with us the other day, and I wanted to put a link up for his official site and the Cardiac Catholic shirts he is selling. I'm definitely going to order one for the USC-Notre Dame game, and you can choose from blue or dark green colors. Hopefully the Cardiac Irish will live up to their reputation next weekend with another thrilling victory over USC.

On to this week's picks.

Nebraska -2 at Missouri (ESPN 9pm)

Jeremy: Nebraska (-2)

Neither team has much in the way of a significant win. Probably the most impressive showing was the last-minute, heartbreaking loss for the Huskers in Blacksburg. The Shirts have shown they can go on the road and bring their A-game against a quality opponent. Missouri hasn’t shown anybody anything.

Nebraska 23 Missouri 17

Dan: Nebraska -2

Both teams have killed their patsies, and Nebraska almost won in Blacksburg (and should have). @VT is a much tougher game than in Columbia, even on a Thursday night.

Nebraska 31 Missouri 27

Matt: Missouri +2

This is a pretty good measuring stick game for the Nebraska program. They went on the road to Blacksburg and played well but couldn’t finish it out. Nebraska at this stage under Bo Pelini should be able to win in Columbia against what was supposed to be a rebuilding Missouri team. Blaine Gabbart has done a more than capable job of taking over for Chase Daniel, but let’s be serious – Missouri hasn’t played anyone. Nevertheless, I’ll take the prolific offense against the ‘Shirts and fully expect to be wrong come Thursday night.

Missouri 30 Nebraska 25

Mike: Nebraska -3

After already having captured the Sun Belt crown, Nebraska now sets its sights on the Big 12 North. The Huskers, however, draw a difficult opening assignment against a surprisingly potent Missouri team led by hotshot sophomore QB Blaine Gabbert. Prior to the season, Gary Pinkel opined that, notwithstanding the loss of multiple standouts on both sides of the ball, this year’s Tigers squad was the most athletic team of his entire Missouri tenure. The early returns have supported this assertion, but Missouri, which has struggled to run the ball, will be tested by a stout Blackshirt defense. This game could really go either way, though I am inclined to lean toward the visiting Huskers based upon their advantage in the trenches.

Nebraska 24 Missouri 20

Doug: Nebraska -2

I'm going against one of the few things I know to be true in sports gambling, and that's betting on the home team in a Thursday night game. But I like the Nebraska Cornhuskers here. I think they have gotten their mojo back, and Pelini really needs this game to make a statement that he has Nebraska back on the right track. A good Nebraska team SHOULD win games like this one. Missouri is a fine program with a good young QB in Blaine Gabbert, but Nebraska is nothing if they can't beat a team like Missouri with two weeks to prepare for the game.

Nebraska hasn't really beaten anyone so far, but I get the impression that they have a good squad this year. They should have won that Virginia Tech game on the road. Just looking at their schedule, they have a very real opportunity to win 10-11 games this year and win the Big 12 North. That should always be the goal for Nebraska football. If Bo Pelini is the right man for the job, he should be able to win big with this schedule. I happen to think he's a darn good football coach, and anyone with the Tom Osborne stamp of approval is good enough for me.

Auburn -3 at Arkansas (ESPN 12pm)

Jeremy: Arkansas (+3)

While the Tigers have been very impressive to date, winning tough road games on successive weeks in the SEC is not an easy thing to do. The Hogs were thumped by the Bama defense but were very impressive in whipping A&M in College Station last week. Expect a shootout in Fayetteville this week with Mallett leading the way for the upset-minded Razorbacks.

Arkansas 38 Auburn 34

Dan: Arkansas +3

Auburn is finally ranked at 5-0 and the Razorbacks are trying to avoid going 0-3 against their tough opening schedule. Both teams score points in droves, and I like the over better than either team. But Arkansas is at home and is more battle tested. I’ll take the points.

Arkansas 38 Auburn 35

Matt: Arkansas +3

I thought maybe this line would be a little higher in favor of War Eagle, but I’ll still take the home team. Alabama showed that an elite defense can shut down Petrino’s offense, but I don’t think Auburn is an elite defense. Arkansas pulls off the mini upset – Auburn is an 8 or 9 win team, not 10 or 11.

Arkansas 34 Auburn 30

Mike: Arkansas +3:

I am very pleased that this game is starting at noon so I can enjoy a big time shootout before sobriety truly escapes me. Auburn has looked better than Arkansas thus far, but the game is in Fayetteville and I am not convinced that the Tigers are ready to beat a quality (no, Tennessee doesn’t count) SEC team on the road. Gus Malzahn will shine in his return to Arkansas, but Auburn will fail to keep pace with Bobby Petrino’s high powered offense.

Arkansas 45 Auburn 42

Doug: Auburn -3

This line seems off. I still can't believe how little respect Auburn is getting. People keep talking about Auburn like they're going to have a setback or something. It's freaking Auburn!! It's not like they're Vanderbilt on a Cinderella story. Auburn is one of the elite programs in the country with talent up and down the roster. Believe it or not, they are capable of winning more than one big game in a row. Auburn has a better defense and better talent than Arkansas. I expect them to win this game.

Auburn just goes to show how long preseason expectations can linger with a team. Everyone seems to be expecting Auburn to collapse because they weren't highly ranked in the preseason, but I think it's more likely that they're just going to be good all year. It's week 6. Disregard preseason rankings at this point. Auburn feels like they are back to being the Auburn football team that we all know. Time to ramp up the prognostications on how they finish.

Auburn 31 Arkansas 24

Alabama -6.5 at Mississippi (CBS Sports 3:30pm)

Jeremy: Alabama (-6.5)

This was almost my lock of the week. Alabama is the best team in the country, and I can’t believe there’s a debate. Jevan Snead is going to be black and blue all over on Sunday morning. Will be interesting to see if he takes a tumble down some draft boards after facing the best defense in the nation.

Alabama 27 Ole Miss 13

Dan: Alabama -6.5 -- LOCK OF THE WEEK

Forget about it. Alabama is a touchdown better than every team in the country with the possible exceptions of Florida, USC, and maybe a night game in Death Valley. (Also – if the line is still at -6.5, teaser alert!)

Alabama 24 Ole Miss 10

Matt: Alabama -6.5

Ole Miss is also on my list of frauds, as far as whether the hype and rankings match the reality. I thought it was ludicrous when they moved all the way up to 4th and predicted they would lose to SC, which they did in pathetic fashion. Meanwhile, Alabama is the best team in the country right now, at least with a giant question mark surrounding Tim Tebow’s melon. This Nick Saban defense even sans Hightower is more than capable of shutting down Jevan Snead. Bama rolls in Oxford.

Alabama 24 Ole Miss 10

Mike: Alabama -6

The burden of being ranked in the top 5 has been lifted from Ole Miss, but this week is obviously crucial if the Rebels are going to contend for the SEC West title. Alabama has looked like the best team in the country this year and Nick Saban will certainly have his team prepared for this game. Jevan Snead has been shaky all year, so it is unreasonable to expect that he will find his touch against a ferocious Bama defense that is among the nation’s finest. On the road, I expect that Saban will rely heavily on the running game and take a few well timed shots down the field to one of his excellent wide receivers.

Alabama 27 Mississippi 17

Doug: Alabama -6.5

Another line that seems borderline disrespectful!! If I was Nick Saban, I would be insulted that I'm only getting 6.5 points against an overrated Mississippi team. Ole Miss is an 8-4 type team. Alabama is one of the two best teams in America. The Tide have a championship defense, great running game, big time skill players, and sold quarterback play. Ole Miss has some nice pieces, but they aren't Bama.

This game feels a little bit like last week's USC-Cal line. I couldn't believe how much respect Cal was getting. It's Cal!! They're like the Purdue of the Pac 10. Same goes for Ole Miss. They're like the Iowa of the SEC. A solid middle tier team that doesn't have the horses to hang around with the big boys.

Bama will be ready to go. It's their first big SEC test, and Saban is not going to come up small in this type of game.

Bama 27 Ole Miss 17

Wisconsin +14.5 at Ohio State (ABC Sports 3:30pm)

Jeremy: OSU (-14.5) – LOCK OF THE WEEK

Check out that Murderers’ Row of opponents the Badgers have faced so far this year. Some mighty impressive wins in there. OSU is starting to hit their stride, and even though the offense continues to exhibit minimal functionality in the passing game, the defense is getting better every week. If Pryor could ever commit to improving his throwing, this team could be dangerous by the end of the year.

OSU 31 Wisconsin 10

Dan: Wisconsin +14.5 at Ohio State

I expect Pryor to have a big game on the ground, but I’m not convinced that OSU is two touchdowns better than the middle of the pack big-10 teams. Especially since I expect both teams to grind it out on long drives that will keep the game relatively low scoring.

Ohio State 20 Wisconsin 13

Matt: Ohio State -14.5

I’ll be leaving the friendly confines of the South (where it’s forecasted to be 85 and sunny for the big Wake Forest – Maryland game on Saturday) for Columbus and a seat in the ‘Shoe (where I’ve been told to bring a jacket and apparently fall is in the air.) Normally, I would take Wisconsin without even thinking twice. But the Badgers are at the top of my list of frauds so far this year. I don’t believe in them at all. I’m just happy that John Stocco has finally exhausted his seemingly endless supply of college eligibility.

Ohio State 28 Wisconsin 7

Mike: Wisconsin +14.5:

The Badgers have been surprisingly impressive this year. Wisconsin’s recent wins have been more thorough than the final scores may indicate, as Sparty scored several garbage time TDs two weeks ago and Minnesota scored on a fluky fumble recovery last week. Both of these teams rely upon a power running game, but Ohio State has a much better defense than Wisconsin. Still, I expect Jim Tressel to formulate an ultra-conservative game plan that will allow the Badgers to hang around until the end. Tressel’s game plan will work, as the Buckeyes will win this game by slowing down Wisconsin’s running attack and forcing Scott Tolzien into several mistakes. Wisconsin will make me happy, however, by covering this large spread.

Ohio State 27 Wisconsin 17

Doug: Wisconsin +14.5 -- LOCK OF THE WEEK

I don't understand this line at all. Even the diehard Buckeye fans that I know aren't really sure why this line is at 14.5. If there's one team from the Big Ten that has consistently given Jim Tressel trouble, it would be Wisconsin. He's 3-3 lifetime against the Bahhhhhhhdgers, and almost every game has gone down to the wire.

With that said, the Buckeyes are probably playing as well as they have all year and maybe even in the last couple years. The big difference for Ohio State this year is that they have gotten their mojo back defensively. Their defenses are always solid and fundamentally sound, but they weren't quite as physical up front the last couple years. Tressel has done a good job replenishing that d-line into a rotation of 8-9 guys, and it's really made a big difference. Just goes to show that D-line play is EVERYTHING on defense in college football. If you can control the line of scrimmage and get pressure on the QB with your front four, it's tough to move the football on you. The Buckeyes aren't nearly as loaded at LB and DB as they have been in the past, but this is the best defense OSU has had since 2005 in my opinion.

Offensively, there have been some green shoots the last few weeks, but I'm not sure Ohio State has an identity yet. I do like this new zone blocking thing that they are doing for the running game, and Pryor is more dangerous out of the shotgun. As far as their running backs go, I think I like Brandon Saine more than Daniel Herron right now. Saine seems to be a little more assertive in finding the hole and breaking tackles.

As for Terrelle Pryor, I think people are being a little hard on him. He's definitely got a long way to go to be a great quarterback, but he's making some progress. I think Tressel is doing a nice job handling him. I like that he's getting Pryor on the run more the last few games. I would continue to do that. Pryor needs to get his confidence back and do what he does well, and the best thing he does is run with the football. If I was Tressel, I would continue to bring along Pryor and hope that it clicks for him some time this year. If he can get it going to the point where is a serious dual threat, he could really explode in 2010.

Getting back to the game though, Wisconsin always plays the Buckeyes tough because they play such similar styles of football. Wisconsin doesn't have the same speed as Ohio State, but everything else is similar. Both teams like to be physical and play ball control on offense. They are one of the few Big Ten teams that comes right at the Buckeyes and doesn't wilt when Ohio State pounds on you. OSU-Wisconsin is always a physical game with multiple guys getting banged up and taken off the field. I expect Wisky to be in the game in the fourth quarter with the Buckeyes pulling away down the stretch.

Ohio State 24 Wisconsin 13

Michigan +7.5 at Iowa (ABC Sports 8pm)

Jeremy: Michigan (+7.5)

I’ll be definitely keeping an eye on Kinnick for this one – Forcier was shaky for much of his first road game in East Lansing last weekend, finally finding his miracle juice with about 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Spartan Stadium is not friendly, but its nothing compared to the environment the youngster is going to face this weekend. Brandon Graham singlehandedly keeps this game close until a late Forcier INT ices the game for the resurgent Hawkeyes.

Iowa 24 Michigan 20

Dan: Iowa -7.5

Wow. What a messed up season. Iowa is 12th! 12th! They beat Northern Iowa and Arkansas STATE by a combined 4 points. Penn State is not very good! There are a lot of really crappy teams in that 10 – 25 spots. Just shows that the college football is really a crap shoot, and it seems this year more than most. This game makes me nervous as a gambler. You can’t really bet on Michigan, because, well, they just aren’t very good. Also, this is their first game outside the state of Michigan. Iowa could easily win this game by 10 points. However, Tate Forcier has a way of keeping things close. Pushed to pick, I will trust Ferentz to have his boys focused after the close call last week.

Iowa 20 Michigan 10

Matt: Michigan +7.5

If the Big 10 wasn’t so bad, I would think about labeling this Iowa team a fraud. I mean, they BARELY escaped both Northern Iowa and Arkansas State. But really, they’re probably going to win 10 games. I mean, other than at Ohio State, they will be favored in every game. By the way, it’s laughable that this is a primetime ABC game going against LSU-UF. If I were Kirk Ferentz or Rich Rod, I would have the audio symphony of Verne and Gary piped in to my headset.

Iowa 31 Michigan 30

Mike: Iowa -7.5:

Is there any luckier team than Michigan? If the NCAA kept a stat for “passes that should have been intercepted but were dropped,” Tate Forcier would be the runaway leader. The Wolverines also seem to benefit from dubious officiating so frequently that they can almost build their game plan around favorable calls. Anyway, against an Iowa defense that already has 10 interceptions this year, Forcier’s luck will end this week.

Iowa 28 Michigan 14

Doug: Iowa -7.5

Not a good week Michigan. First, Michigan loses a heartbreaker to Sparty, and then Braylon Edwards punches out Lebron's friend at a club the night after the Browns-Bengals game?? How great was this Braylon Edwards-Lebron James "feud?" Could you have possibly picked a worse target for a feud?? Lebron James?? As in "Economy's Based on Lebron James" Lebron James?? The guy who owns Cleveland?? And now Braylon is gone. Good riddance if you're a Browns fan. Braylon is a team cancer and needed to go. The Browns still stink, but at least they can start from scratch now and go from there.

Anyway, as for Michigan, I think they are running on fumes a little bit right now, and I'm not sure they are capable of winning a game like this on the road. They have been winning, but it's been a lot of smoke and mirrors. Rich Rodriguez is holding this team together with paper clips. Michigan is painfully thin. They are starting a walk-on at safety right now!! And he's not the only walk-on getting playing time. More importantly, Michigan's running game fell off the tracks against Michigan State last week. 28 yards rushing is not going to win you many games, especially when your offense is built around the ground game.

Michigan was lucky to be in the game with Michigan State last week, and eventually Forcier is not going to be able to bail them out. If you can't run the football and can't stop anyone and your QB is a 185 freshman who could get knocked out of the game at anytime, I don't like your chances on the road.

Iowa is Iowa. They aren't the #12 team in the nation, but they aren't slouches either. Iowa is going to win the battle at the line of scrimmage against Michigan, and that probably spells a blowout win for the Hawkeyes. Michigan is going to win some games this year, but there are going to be some ugly days for them as well. I think Michigan fans who said this team was a 6-7 win team are pretty close to being accurate even with Michigan's fast start.

Hawkeyes win this game BIG.

Iowa 31 Michigan 17

Florida -9.5 at LSU (CBS Sports 8pm)

Jeremy: LSU (+9.5)

Maybe Les Miles used up a few of his lives last week, but doesn’t this just feel like the type of game that LSU will keep close until the closing minutes? I know the offense isn’t really any good, but that defensive front is mighty impressive once again. And considering that most reports are indicating Tebow is doubtful to start, Death Valley is not the best place for a young QB to be taking his first significant snaps.

I think Florida probably finds a way to win after the Messiah comes off the bench, but this should be a low-scoring game, which definitely favors the Tigers at home.

Of course, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Tebow comes tearing out of the tunnel, takes the opening snap and leads the Gators in a romp. Should be fun to watch.

Florida 13 LSU 10

Dan: LSU +9.5

This game is almost impossible to pick at this point because clearly it comes down to whether or not Tebow is playing. At this point, I’m counting on him playing, as I don’t see any way that Tebow / Meyer don’t “make him understand”, him being the doctor.

Even with that in mind, it still seems like a big line. LSU getting 10 points at night at home? Les Miles, for all the grief he takes, wins big games. Of course, so does Urban Meyer. I really think there is a chance Florida should cover. But there is just no way I can lay 10 points at night in Death Valley. LSU’s defense is nasty and Florida’s offense has just looked out of sync at times this year without Percy.

Florida 31 LSU 27

Matt: LSU +9.5

The game of the year! Can’t wait to saddle up to a sports bar in Columbus, rip off my sweatshirt and proudly display the Gators colors (Maybe not). Obviously, as I’m sure my esteemed prognosticators have all touched on, the effectiveness of Tebow is the key factor. If he’s playing, you KNOW he’s going to be going all out. He just doesn’t really know any other way, and it’s not like he can all of a sudden become a dropback passer. That’s not in his DNA.

The other big factor is going to be the crowd - Nightime in Death Valley - goes without saying. I’m a former LSU season ticket holder and still get emails from the athletic department. This week, the athletic department sent out an email practically begging people not to get too drunk, show good sportsmanship, avoid cursing, show respect for Gators fans, blah blah blah…I’m pretty sure that fell on deaf ears. This is going to be the most raucous, drunk, insane, irreverent, redneck, violent crowd of the year anywhere. And that’s a good thing. I can’t wait to see the atmosphere in there Saturday night.

LSU had a really impressive win last week in Athens. But as Doug talked about this week, even though Les Miles has proven without a shadow of a doubt that he is an elite coach, most college football fans (and probably LSU fans) would be lying if they didn’t say there wasn’t something about him that they don’t fully absolutely trust. Maybe it’s his “Have a GREAT day” speech, maybe it’s his aggressive (reckless) playcalling at times, or maybe it’s his Michigan connection, but my brain just can’t quite come to grips with the fact that The Hat is a big game coach. Florida sneaks out of Baton Rouge with a win and Tim Tebow adds to his legacy.

Total side note, I also got an email from LSU about a package they put together for fans to bid on for the Florida game. Think about how incredible this would be: Walk down Victory Hill with the team, photo on the field with The Hat, run out of the tunnel with the team (Irish fans, can you imagine doing that? I’ve got goosebumps just thinking about that. I think I would challenge Charlie Jr to a 40 yard dash) and tickets to watch the game from the press box with the AD (If I had been tailgating all day and then watched a game with Jack Swarbrick, I wouldn’t let him leave the room until he had a signed contract to play a home and home with Miami and Alabama.) Wow. Pretty nice. As of Wednesday night, the package was up to $15,000, which if my calculations are correct is almost a quarter of Louisiana’s annual GDP, so that’s pretty impressive. In all seriousness, that’s a nice little package and something ND should look into. You can’t put a price on some of those things.

Florida 21 LSU 18


Although LSU does not have a big play offensive attack or a dominating defense, the Tigers continue to find ways to win. Fortunately for LSU, Tim Tebow may could be hindered, or even sidelined, by the lingering effects of his recent concussion. Likewise, Urban Meyer may decide to call fewer running plays for Tebow in an attempt to protect his prized quarterback from taking too many vicious hits. With a pumped up home crowd, a (possibly) slowed down Tebow and a powerful underdog angle, the Bayou Bengals will score a huge upset victory over the defending champs.

LSU 22 Florida 21

Doug: LSU +9.5

Huge game for both programs. For Florida, this game is probably their toughest test in the regular season until the likely SEC championship game with Alabama. If they can get by LSU, I don't see them losing in the regular season. High stakes for Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow. If they go on to win the SEC (and no doubt the SEC Champion is winning the national title this year), they'll be cemented as one of the great college football dynasties of all times. 3 national titles in four years is as good as it has ever been in college football.

For LSU, this is their chance to sort of prove to America that they are a big time team this year and someone who has to be taken seriously in the national title race. If LSU wins this game, they can start putting together a claim that they are a contender in this SEC gauntlet. LSU still has Bama on the road and Auburn and Ole Miss on the road (the SEC West is brutal), but beating this Florida team would be one of the 2-3 biggest wins of Les Miles' career.

Tickets are going for up to $2,200 for this game. As Verne Lundquist would say, MY GOODNESS!! Apparently the economy isn't so bad in the state of Louisiana if people are plunking down almost five grand for a pair of tickets.

LSU is a compelling story with the night crowd and the incredible intensity of the Tiger Nation inside that stadium, but this game is all about the Florida Gators. Is Tebow playing?? I'm saying he's playing without a doubt. It's Tim Tebow. He is not sitting out LSU-Florida in his senior year. The only question is how effective he's going to be. Is Urban Meyer going to shy away from running him out of fear of another concussion?? Is he going to flinch at all in the face of a heavy pass rush?? The biggest obstacle for Tebow to overcome is probably a psychological one. If I was LSU, I would almost be tempted to throw down a few late hits (even to the point where you draw a flag or two) just to test out Tebow. I know that's a bad thing to say, but it's football. You play to win.

I think LSU has a shot to win this game, but it's going to take a great effort across the board. Jefferson is going to have to avoid lazy passes and avoid taking dumb sacks, they have to run the football, and they have to make life uncomfortable for Tebow. I expect Florida to come out like a house of fire, and LSU is going to have to withstand that storm. If they can, I think this game will be close in the fourth quarter.

I'll take Florida to win the game, but 9.5 points for LSU at home AT NIGHT in that type of environment is too many points to give away. I'm going with LSU to cover, and I think they have an outside shot to win this game.

Florida 24 LSU 20

Bonus Picks:


Georgia +1.5 at Tennessee

Maryland +10.5 at Wake Forest

I couldn’t go without picking the big Homecoming matchup this week in Winston. Wake is a Dr. Jekyll team this year, but then again so is Maryland. Seems like it should be a close game. Wake wins though and throws themselves back into the ACC race.

Idaho +4 at San Jose State

Why not. Idaho is undefeated. Is it that hard to go into San Jose and walk out with a victory? I say no

Florida State -3 vs. Georgia Tech LOCK OF THE WEEK

It’s funny. I originally typed GT +3 as lock of the week. But…I just have a sneaking suspicion that the ‘Noles are circling the wagons this week and rallying around ol’ Bobby Bowden. He’s got trustees calling for him to step down, and EVERYONE is saying FSU is an afterthought this year. However, there is no denying that there are still athletes on the roster. Anyone who watched the Miami and BYU games can attest to that. I think their speed on D can focus on shutting down the run, and the Noles get back on track with a big home win. Vegas seems to agree with me too with that line.


Louisiana Tech (+10.5) over Nevada: Friday night football! Start your weekend right by ignoring Nevada’s offensive explosion against UNLV and taking the improving Bulldogs this week.

Nevada 34 Louisiana Tech 27

Michigan State (-4) over Illinois: Juice Williams, Eddie McGee, Kurt Kittner…who cares? The problems run much deeper than quarterback for Illinois.

Michigan State 31 Illinois 21

Georgia (+2) over Tennessee: Tennessee has a strong defense and the game is at Neyland, but there’s no way that UGA should be getting points against the Vols.

Georgia 24 Tennessee 17

Kentucky (+10) over South Carolina: After back-to-back home tilts with Florida and Alabama, Kentucky should benefit from class relief this week against an inconsistent Gamecocks team, albeit in Columbia. This could also be a trap game for South Carolina with a trip to Tuscaloosa looming on the horizon.

South Carolina 26 Kentucky 21

Washington State (+21) over Arizona State: Let’s face it: if you are going to stay awake from this game, you’ll want to wager a little bit of coin. Wazzu is obviously terrible, but they might be live in this spot, given ASU’s offensive doldrums.

Arizona State 28 Washington State 10


BC +13.5 at Virginia Tech -- That BC game worries me in South Bend. They aren't great, but they're looking like a typical 7-9 win BC team. With all the buildup for USC, we better be ready to go the following week as well. BC is going to come in to South Bend with their hair on fire, and we gotta be ready for them. Tired of losing to them.

Georgia +1 at Tennessee - Yo Lane Kiffin, how about winning a game here?? Thus far, you look like a complete dud.

UConn +8 at Pitt -- Might want to keep an eye on this one as an ND fan. Both these teams look better than expected thus far.

Oregon State -1 over Stanford -- If Stanford wins this game, they should be ranked next week. No questions asked. 5-1 with wins over Washington, UCLA, and Oregon State should be enough to get ranked. Toby Gerhart is looking like a sleeper Heisman candidate and the heir to the great Tommy Vardell throne.

Oklahoma State OFF against Texas A&M -- The betting has been taken off the board!! Guess that Dez Bryant ineligibility ruling has Vegas scrambling today. Just a backbreaker for my fantasy team. My #1 draft pick. Going to need to circle the wagons for the rest of the year.

Jeremy: 3-3
Dan: 3-3
Matt: 2-4
Mike: 3-3
Doug: 4-2

Jeremy: 16-18
Dan: 19-15
Matt: 13-21
Mike: 13-21
Doug: 18-16

Jeremy: 2-2
Dan: 2-3
Matt: 1-3
Mike: 2-2
Doug: 3-2


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