November 21, 2009

The Last Nail in his Coffin

It's only a matter of time now.

No longer a question of if, but when.

While the administration delays the inevitable decision until the conclusion of the Stanford game (which may get ugly considering how putrid the run defense looked today), Charlie left no doubt as to his future as the head coach in South Bend with his second straight underwhelming Senior Day performance.

As unfortunate as this loss is for those players (read seniors + Clausen and Tate) who don't get to run out of the tunnel again at ND Stadium, this outcome means a whole lot more to the Connecticut program. Good for Randy Edsall, who was overcome with emotion as he delivered a heartfelt field interview. Good for the UConn team to honor their slain teammate. The Huskies have played inspired football since the tragedy, but been on the wrong side of three nailbiters. Today they can rejoice with unquestionably the biggest victory for their football program - ever.

There will be much MUCH more written on this subject in the days and weeks to come. But at least we can get in the holiday spirit and give thanks for the crystal ball made clearer. No more hemming and hawing or reaching for excuses to permit Weis' colossal inability to lead this team and program.

Since Charlie is still calling the plays (though their effectiveness is highly debatable), the right play in this circumstance is to resign. Admitting his shortcomings (which would be a first) and parting on his own terms would sway public opinion of his legacy for years to come, much like Gerry Faust realizing he was in over his head and bowing out gracefully. Faust comes to most home games and is still a minor celebrity in the lots and stands. People don't remember how bad his teams were because he got out of the way when his time came and turned things over to someone who could do better. Charlie is a proud alum and wouldn't want to be exiled from campus as a pariah to the program.

Do the right thing Charlie. Take care of your health and help your successor do what you couldn't.


Anonymous said...

Under basic contract law, if Charlie resigns he forfeits the millions of dollars ND would otherwise owe him when they can him. There may be something in the contract to change that result, but, if not, then Charlie would be a damn fool to resign.

Jimmy said...

A Charlie resignation would surely take a restructured buyout into consideration. He may not be the sharpest coach in the toolshed, but he's not brain dead.

Doug said...

I think Jimmy is just saying that Charlie should not go down swinging. Bow out gracefully. Figure out the buyout and walk away. If Charlie goes to the mattresses and forces ND to fire him and makes some more ugly public comments, he'll tarnish whatever legacy that he has.

I think the Faust comparison is a good one. If Weis walks away with class, he'll be welcomed back to ND for many years to come. And if the next coach does what Lou Holtz did and takes the program back to glory, we'll look back on Weis as the guy who laid the foundation for this program.

Jimmy said...

Thanks for reading between the lines for me Counselor. Love the Godfather-esque going to the mattresses metaphor.