October 27, 2011

Notre Dame vs. Navy - Back to Boot Camp

Dan: Notre Dame
There is no point in dwelling any longer on last week’s debacle. I feel like I’ve been emotionally hungover ever since. The Middies come to town this weekend looking to make it three in a row over Notre Dame, yet Vegas has them somewhere around three touchdown dogs. You can throw the line out against Navy. Complicating things is a lack of depth due to injuries along the Notre Dame defensive front (KLM out and EJ still not at 100%). The young guns need to step up and I have not seen discipline as a strength of theirs yet. Saturday will be telling. Cierre needs to bounce back and Kelly needs to feed him and Jonas early and often. I think the ND running game bounces back and puts up enough points, limits turnovers, and enables ND to get a win despite a subpar day from the defense.
Notre Dame 31 Navy 20
Jeremy: Notre Dame
I really don't have the heart to talk too much about last week's performance.  Still a bit shocked that the lads come out so flat/tight/whatever and got themselves pushed around in the trenches.  In past years, losing both starting DEs in the weeks leading up to the Navy game would terrify me to no end.  But I'm not feeling particularly frightened about this year's version of the Middies.  There's no more Ricky Dobbs to crush our souls, and the Mids have been experiencing ND-type fortune in close games.  I expect this one to look quite a bit like the AFA game - a few turnovers from Navy, and a porous Midshipmen defense leads to lots of ND points in the 1st half.  ND wins comfortably heading into the ACC tastycake portion of the schedule.
ND 45  Navy 28 
Jimmy: Notre Dame
Another week, another chance to cure this lethal strain of turnoveritis that’s plaguing the 2011 campaign.  With all of their toes and fingers shot off courtesy of self-inflicted wounds, what’s left for the offense to take aim at?  Unfortunately, they’ll need a clean game to avoid another loss to the Middies.  Want two scoops of humility with your breakfast?  Since the record streak that started in 1964 ended with dramatic fashion in 2007, Navy has captured 3 of the last 4 series contests.  From 43 straight to 1-3, in the midst of a streak going the wrong way.  How times have changed.  
This should be another Air Force type blowout, but the team’s confidence is shaken, the run D is in shambles without KLM and a gimpy Ethan Johnson, and the breaks simply aren’t falling ND’s way.  Here’s hoping The Andrew Hendrix Experience gets more stage time Saturday.  I’m growing a little stale of Tommy Rees’ act.  Heaven forbid 2 more years of heart-pounding red zone possessions.  
Irish 43  Navy 24
Mike: Navy
In my mind, the season is over, so I really don’t feel like wasting much time on this game.  Given the spread (19 points) and the fact that the Mids have a backup QB making his first career start, Notre Dame should win easily.  We all know how that often turns out for ND though.  
I’ll probably just sit at home, watch the game on mute and listen to a continuous loop of “Crazy Train.”
Navy 28 Notre Dame 24
Phil: Notre Dame
Thank goodness for a magnificent day of tailgating last weekend with great friends and family because the football was atrocious. I simply cannot figure out this Irish team. The comments by Mark Tyler and company have not helped anything either.
I don't think BK has gotten "dumb" over the past 2 years, as he has been a winner everywhere he has gone.   We seem to have talent, but whenever we play a big time team, our guys seem slow and overmatched. I have grown tired of the theory that we cannot recruit top tier players to the Bend, as it appears BK has been in the running for some real studs last year and this year. Maybe we just are not there yet. Crist is dumpster fire and I'm glad he is leaving. Rees is quite limited physically, but I applaud his gumption. I hope Hendrix or Gholston becomes a playmaker, b/c we need one at the QB spot badly.
By the way, were was our run game Saturday? Jonas had a nice run, but I think we had only 41 yards for the game. Navy has been a thorn in our side lately, and we will need a strong defensive effort and a sharp offensive performance to keep this season from coming unglued. I wanna believe.
Irish 31 Navy 21

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