August 31, 2012

ND Football 2012 Season Kicks Off

So umm, yeah, having kids is awesome and the best thing ever since they're so gosh darn cute, even when they cry or don't sleep when they should because the joy they bring is limitless.  But one thing kids absolutely do not bring is more time to keep a blog current.  Several of the WeIs posse have entered the fatherhood stage and we're still learning to juggle the new responsibilities.  As soon as we can add one more proverbial ball to the juggling mix without dropping everything, you'll see more consistency on these pages.  Thanks for understanding.  Until then:

Go Irish!  Beat Midshipmen!

Not sure which promo I like more: the Adidas shield with the Guinness harp and gimmicky "Emerald Isle Classic"

Or the simpler Dublin bridge scene contained in a translucent football. 

Whichever your fancy, pretty sure ND has never played in a cooler venue than Aviva Stadium.  Look forward to the stories that trickle over across the pond.

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