June 19, 2006

Milligan Minute - Where have you gone Sid Bream?

And we've reached a new low. The Atlanta Braves are now in Last place in the NL East a place they have not seen since the Miracle season in 1991. When they went from worst to first. Where have you gone mister Sid Bream? During their decent into last place the Braves have lost 17 of their last 20. The last time we won a series was Memorial Day weekend when there was a solid sweep of the Chicago Cubs. I think the Braves caught a solid case of suck from the Cub when they made their holiday stop. I am not only one disheartened by the fact that they are 14 game out and got swept by the Florida Marlins. A team that has given away any player that was a part of their World Championship Team in '03.

The thing that is wrong with the Braves is I think are expecting to lose. They have their roster issues like no Bullpen and no lead off hitter. But they have lost their will to win. They need some serious therapy, they also need to look into making some trades. What good is having the best farm system in the game if you never use it for anything? They all need to get together and listen to some rocking tunes by Peter Gammons and grow a set of balls.

Where is the camaraderie that helped them win the last 14 NL East titles? Where is the pitching that has been the staple of the Braves organization? Where is the Wizard John Schuerholz making deals to fix the problems? Where is the owner of the team?

Where are you Jeff Francoeur? Where are you Brian McCann? Where are you Chipper Jones? Where are you Andruw Jones?
Where were you when Sid slid???


Doug said...

Bring back Leo Mazzone. Mazzone, Cox, Schuerholz, and Smoltz. It's like John, George, Paul, and Ringo. They just aren't the same when they aren't together.

Scherholz needs to retool that rotation and get Leo back on his perch in the dugout. Look at their five man rotation right now. It's laughably bad. Smoltz and Hudson are solid, but it's time to throw in the towel on the Horacio Ramirez era. That guy is never going to put it together. Sosa is a one year wonder, and Coach John Thompson is a marginal fifth starter at best. The Braves badly need some new pitching blood for the future. After Hudson and maybe Kyle Davies, their cupboard is bare.

Milligan, I agree that it's time to use that farm system for some trades. If I were the Braves, I'd be packaging some of those young bats along with that Saltalamacchia guy for a package of young players (ie Ervin Santana and Howie Kedrick). Hell, if I was Schuerholz, I'd be putting John Smoltz on the market as well. The Braves aren't going anywhere this year. Might as well see if a contender would dangle some nice prospects/young major leaguers to get somebody like Smoltz. If the Braves picked up a couple good young pitchers to complement the young bats, they can get right back in the playoff mix in 2007.

Doug said...
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Doug said...

By the way, great Sid Bream photo.

I know one reader of this site who won't be happy to see that photo. '

Has Stan Belinda been allowed to return to the state of Pennsylvania yet?