June 21, 2006

"You're with me, leather"

I know this blurb from Deadspin has already made its way around the internet a million times, but I just couldn't sit and let this thing slide by without it making an appearance on this site.

It just never gets old. Chris freaking Berman. If that story is actually true (and I'm 99.999% convinced that it is), doesn't it completely change your perception of Berman? We're talking about the Swami. The man who loves to say Jake "Daylight comes and I wanna" Delhomme. You're with me, leather? Can you even picture Chris Berman waddling around the local watering hole working the singles scene? Does he bust out the ESPN catchphrases for the ladies as well?

Oh and by the way, there are now shirts commemorating the "You're with me, leather" line from the Swami himself. Pretty sure I'll be hitting "Add to Cart" for that beauty as soon as I finish this post. You gotta love capitalism.

If you're out at the bars this weekend, PLEASE pull out the "You're with me, leather" line. Just once. It worked for Berman, and it might even work for you. For all we know, "You're with me, leather" as a pickup line is batting 1.000.

1 comment:

Sean said...

I hate Chris Berman, but this makes me like him a little. That is probably the only time he has been cool.