August 29, 2008

Fans Dressed as Empty Seats

Is there a more pathetic fanbase than Stanford?? With all the buzz about Stanford as a program on the rise, you would think they would have packed the place last night for the home opener. And yet I turned on the game, and what does the crowd look like?? Maybe 1/3 full at best. What a joke. They'd be better off using that stadium for Guitar Hero tournaments or women's tennis tournaments.

What percentage of Bay Area fans were even aware that college football season started?? 2%? 1?? Why do we play these guys every year?? They actually played well last night and won the game, but the lack of fan support is a joke.

Honestly, is there any program in the Pac 10 outside of Oregon with any level of loyal consistent support?? I would argue no. Even USC has trouble selling out all their games.

And West Coast fans wonder why there is an East Coast bias. If West Coast fans don't care about their teams, why should I?? Maybe I would actually care what West coast "fans" think about sports coverage if they showed up to the games in the first place. Until then, the College Gameday crew can stay east of the Rockies every week as far as I'm concerned.

As for the rest of college football, it's a sad day in Oxford, Ohio when Miami gets blown out at home by a Vandy program that they would have beaten in the Terry Hoeppner era. I think it might be time to acknowledge that Shane Montgomery is not that answer at Miami. The program has declined in his tenure and doesn't appear to be going anywhere.

Good win for the Cincinnati Bearcats last year, and somewhere Matt is pumping his fist as the newest Jim Grobe disciple! Dominant win for Wake last night in their opener. Sleeper ACC Champions??

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k said...

Completely agree with the Shane Montgomery comment. He is clearly not at the same level as Coach Hep and it's time for a change. It doesn't even seem like Miami has a plan on offense anymore. When Big Ben was under center we spread the field and went 5 wide. Now we are trying to line up and grind it out with an SEC team? Let's go out and find a Brian Kelly type and get the program back to the glory days. Last night was an embarrassment.