August 13, 2008

Micah Owings

Word out of the Arizona Republic is that Micah Owings is the one of the Players to Be Named Later in the Adam Dunn trade. Anyone know anything about him?? He's only 25 and had a decent start this year, but completely fell apart the last couple months. Is he any good?? I've never seen the guy pitch, but I guess there's a place for him as a #4-5 starter next year with the Reds.

In other news, Adam Dunn is apparently seeking $100-120 million in a free agent deal.

"It was inevitable," Arroyo said of the deal. "They weren't going to give him $100 million. He said he was looking for $120 million. They're not willing to go out on a limb that far."

Seriously?? $120 million for Adam Dunn? Who is going to pay him that much money?? I can't see him getting that on the open market. Dunn would be an awful fit with the Yankees and they probably have better targets to go after (Teixeira, CC, etc), so I don't see him getting a 9 figure deal anywhere.

Finally, Chad Johnson is trying to legally change his name to "Chad Ocho Cinco." Ugh. Is there a lamer athlete in sports today than Chad Johnson?? Does anyone actually find his antics funny anymore?? The guy is so desperate for attention that he's now resorting to these weak gimmicks. Chad was an entertaining novelty act for a couple years, but he's clearly lost his fastball. His whole fake contract holdout this past offseason was borderline laughable in retrospect since no one gave a crap about it. I think he was expecting T.O./Favre type coverage, but he seems to forget that he's not even close to their level of fame. He tried to take on this "edgy" Chad persona in the offseason, but everyone was bored with it almost immediately. The move couldn't have possibly backfired anymore than it did because now he has a reputation as a team cancer and no other NFL team wants anything to do with him. Even people from Cincinnati were like "whatever, if Chad wants out, here's the door." Now he's sort of a man without a home and Bengal fans are leery of him and just waiting to pounce on him. Never a good idea to piss off your base of support, especially when your base wasn't that crazy about you to begin with.

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