September 12, 2008

Hail to the Chief

Pretty cool story about Chief Justice John Roberts visiting the Notre Dame team. Just add him to the list of celebrity ND fans. Maybe he'll speak at the pep rally. There is a Long Beach, Indiana?? I've never heard of it. Great stuff. He's my new favorite Supreme Court justice (not that he wasn't already). I hope he grabbed a few facemasks and called out our o-line and d-line.

Unfortunately, the cynical fan might worry that too many of our guys probably knew who John Roberts is and had their resumes in hand (whereas there probably isn't one guy on LSU or Florida who has ever heard of John Roberts). I suppose you could say that we have too many guys who read the Wall Street Journal and not enough guys who read Vibe and Ebony.

By the way, have John Roberts and Bill Self ever been seen in the same room together?? Must be like looking the mirror. That's almost as close as the Todd Palin and Andy Katz comparison.

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Jimmy said...

There's some pretty funny blog banter on the WSJ link which completely typifies the hate that pervades in this rivalry. While I'm not going to give a pass to all ND fans and some of their smarmy comments, Michigan fans take the cake on illogical, misguided drivel that brings any rivalry conversation to a halt. It's kinda sad.