September 05, 2008

It's Official

Check out the Bengals team roster page. There it is.

Ocho Cinco, Chad.

The artist formerly known as Chad Johnson. I have to say that I thought this stunt was the dumbest thing ever and more proof that Chad is absolutely DESPERATE for any media attention (especially since he plays for a terrible franchise), but it is really funny that he ACTUALLY changed his name to Chad Ocho Cinco. Legally! I kind of thought the Bengals would resist calling him by his new legal name, but there it is in print on their roster. Chad Ocho Cinco. I checked out his name on Yahoo Sports in the fantasy football player search, and I had to search under the "O"s!! Pretty funny. I can't wait to go to a Bengals game and hear the PA guy say "Ocho Cinco with the catch. First down for Chad Ocho Cinco."

I still think Bill Simmons' line about the Ocho Cinco thing was the best. What if he gets traded and can't get #85?? Will he have to change to Ocho Seis?? What do Hispanic groups think about this whole thing?? Are they upset because it's a blatantly incorrect term for the number 85 (which I believe from my 4 years of Spanish in high school is something along the lines of ochenta y cinco)?

By the way, what happened to Ed Hochuli in the offseason?? Did Roger Goodell call him into the league office and demand that he get off the HGH?? Is there a new drug testing policy for referees?? Hochuli looks like a string bean this year compared to the last few years (I think he legitimately could have started at linebacker for the Bengals last year). Disappointing stuff. There was nothing funnier than Hochuli flexing while he was in the process of pointing for the first down.

The G-Men looked absolutely incredible last night even without Osi Umenyiora (someone check the spelling on that). The Skins looked awful. For all the hype about Jason Campbell, when is this guy ever going to actually do it on the field?? I've been hearing how great he is for years, and yet I've never actually seen him play well in a game.

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