October 31, 2008

ND Hoops, Michael Brey, and Bob Davie

Just wanted to give a shout out to the ND basketball team tonight as we embark on the most anticipated season in many years. The #9 team in America and best current program in the state of Indiana plays its first exhibition game against Briar Cliff tonight at 9 pm at the JACC. The game is not on tv, but you can watch the action on http://www.und.com/. Should be interesting to see how this team looks. No Hillesland tonight, so maybe the young guys will get a little more time.

As we get ready for another successful season under Coach Brey, I wanted to revive the petition that was started a couple years ago on this site to rename the JACC after Coach Michael Montgomery Brey. I still can't believe there are only 8 signatures on this petition. Mike Brey is the most underappreciated coach in the country, and we are lucky to have him. If you support the Irish and The Mock, sign the petition and send a message to ND that we want his name on the building.


Other than toughening up the football schedule, my biggest priority for the ND administration in the next decade is to give Coach Brey his lifetime contract and start laying the groundwork for the "Michael Brey Fieldhouse." It is long overdue!!

One other nugget of information for you ND hoops fans. Tyler Hansborough is hurt with shin splints and may even have a stress fracture in his leg. I like Tyler Hansborough and wouldn't wish injury upon him, but I'm not going to complain if he has to sit out in Maui and open the door for a possible ND title in the Maui Invitational. If we end up making the finals of that tournament, we're staring at UNC. No Hansborough would make our chances of winning a whole lot easier. If we win the Maui Invitational, our goals for a high NCAA tournament seed could be within reach.

Speaking of petitions, I felt like unveiling a new petition for you ND fans out there. The official "Bring Bob Davie to the NBC Booth" petition is now out there for you Bob Davie fans. It would be "YUUUUUUUUUUUUGE" if we could pry him away from ESPN and get him in there with Pat, Tom, and the boys.


Davie to NBC! YES WE CAN! Si se puede! That is a change in the booth that I can believe in. Someday the dream of Davie in the booth and Brey's name on the JACC will come to light. If we accomplish anything on this blog, I hope those two things happen on our watch.

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Stan said...

Regarding the poll question, what makes you think Tyrone could be a golf pro? He will be sitting in the pro shop scowling at every person who comes to his course.