October 24, 2008

Redshirt Freshman Fire Sale!!!!

I have never made any attempt to hide the fact that Tyrone Willingham is an inept coach and recruiter but I never felt he was a bad person until now. I am blown away by the scorched earth tactics that Willingham is using at Washington with Termination staring him in the face.

As a freshman player I wanted to play, and get in a game very badly. But I knew that, 1. I was not ready mentally 2. Not Ready physically 3. The coaches would never put me in unless I was ready and that wouldn't happen my freshman year.

Your coach is the one that has to protect you from yourself. Kids come to college with a dream to play, some dreams are delayed until the following season or a few years down the road. My dream was to play football at Notre Dame and win a National Championship. The later never came true but I did play football and enjoyed every minute of it. Coach Davie told me that they were going to redshirt me and I wouldn't be playing that season. I was content with that decision, I wasn't ready and they were not going to use me that season. I was working out everyday and getting bigger and stronger and taking my lumps on the scout team. Learning, Learning, Learning, that is what a redshirt year is for.

Without redshirts we would not have had the '93 season with Kevin McDougal, our 10-3 season in '02 never would have happened. In 2002 we had 7 redshirt senior starters on Offense and Defense and 8 true seniors that were 5th year eligible. That team was very senior and 5th year heavy, that was the reason for our success. Guys were not thrown into the fire and told to deal, Davie and Co. knew what they wanted to do in the long term. Say what you want about Davie, at least he knew football. Redshirts were very important to the development as a team.

I read an article in the Seattle Times that really made me angry. Willingham in a move that made people in Washington very upset, put in freshman wider receiver Cody Bruns during a lopsided blowout to Arizona. Bruns played a total of 3 plays in that game burning his redshirt, catching ZERO passes. He was one of eight other receivers to take the field for Willingham and the Huskies that night. Did Ty need to use Bruns? An emphantic NO! Now Bruns sits on the sideline watching while he recovers from a hamstring injury. The possibility of never playing again this season looming heavy over his head. Willingham should have known better. But it seems he doesnt care, he is content with doing what ever he wants and never answering any questions. In his usual dodging of questions he said, "If people want to debate it, let them debate it" when asked about his decison to putting Bruns in the game.

Cody Bruns is not the only freshman to play for the Huskies this year. At present count Twelve true freshman have played for the Huskies this season. And what has their effort brought them? A 0-6 record going into this weekends game against Notre Dame, a team that Ty threw under the bus.

Tyrone Willingham is very close to becoming a modern day William Tecumseh Sherman. Leaving nothing behind the rebels can use to make war... or in Willingham's case leave nothing behind so I can't be blamed when no one else can fix the program.

At least Sherman could lead. I think the answer for Willingham has been decided.
Ty you have lost my respect forever...


Stan said...

Apparently Tyrone wanted a shot at the Irish and he was done. Maybe he hasnt been recruiting because he was spending all his time trying to beat Notre Dame. Win or Lose he was done after Saturday night.

Doug said...

Sean, thanks for posting this info. I hadn't heard anything about this. Appreciate the insight.

This piece of news is very troubling and disturbing but nothing out of the ordinary for Ty Willingham. The man is a complete fraud and probably one of the most selfish sports figures in history. He never shied away from throwing his players under the bus even when it was obvious that the coaching and program management were the larger issues, and it doesn't surprise me that he would burn a redshirt to try to save his own skin instead of doing what is right for the kid.

I'm glad Ty is gone for so many reasons. People like Ty Willingham have no place leading college athletes, and his absence from the game is a good thing for college football.