March 24, 2009

Fireside Chats at the Butler Cabin

Figured I would put in a plug for my brother's podcast. They are two weeks in, and "Fireside Chats at the Butler Cabin" is already sweeping the nation. Should be some great stuff coming up as we get closer to The Masters, and I can guarantee that you will learn something about "The Tour" if you tune in. Might get some other good discussion of all things going on in the world of the Bengals/Blue Jackets/Reds/Buckeyes and some takes on the best pizza, golf courses, and bars in the Columbus area.

Anyway, the show is every Tuesday evening at 6 pm EST. Enjoy!


Matt said...

I'm honored to even be mentioned on such a fine program.

Could there be a Stump the Schwab type call-in at some point? Give me ACC Point Guards of the '90s and I'm ready to dominate.

Good show...

Jimmy said...

I've listened to 1/6 of the premier episode and already I'm hooked! Love the Stan and Kenny duo and the laid-back nature of the broadcast. The Kennster sounds eerily like elder bro Doug majority of the time, complete with random thoughts and the signature laugh. Maybe it's already been done, but can Doug and Kenny be in the studio together to try on the Riddell Squared Experience for size?

Outstanding stuff. Can't wait to be a "first time caller. Big fan."