March 06, 2009

The Madness!

Getting to be about that time to be fired up for March Madness. Maybe my favorite time of the year. Heck, this whole 6-8 week spring sports season is probably my favorite sports season of the year. March Madness, MLB Opening Day, fantasy baseball, The Masters, College Football Spring Practice, and the NFL Draft. You can even throw the Kentucky Derby in there if you want. I love every one of those things. Plus, the Midwest is FINALLY starting to thaw out in terms of weather. The fall season would probably be a close second for me although I will admit that I LOVE when football season comes around.

What's your favorite sports time of the year??

Fall (September-November) - college football regular season, NFL regular season, fantasy football, MLB postseason, start of college hoops, NBA, and hockey

Winter (December-February) - College football bowls, MLB Offseason and Winter Meetings, NFL Playoffs, Super Bowl, college hoops and NBA regular season, start of the golf season, Winter Olympics, Daytona 500

Spring (March-May) - March Madness, MLB Opening Day, fantasy baseball, NFL Draft, College Football Spring Practice, The Masters, NBA playoffs, Kentucky Derby

Summer (June-August) - Wimbledon, MLB Regular Season and Trade Deadline, NBA Draft and Offseason Moves, US Open (golf), US Open (tennis), French Open, British Open, Summer Olympics, College football and NFL Training Camp, PGA Championship

Which CBS March Madness theme is your favorite?? I think I actually miss the old one. I'd love to see them bust that one back out for a year as some sort of throwback.


Old School

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