December 15, 2010

WeIs Roundtable Picks - Final Standings

First, an homage to the sensation that swept the nation, Mr. Cameron Jerrell Newton.  Is it coincidence that his middle name is eerily similar to Jor-El, father of Kal-El?  Who's your daddy, Superman.  The awards windfall may be temporarily overlooked if the Tigers don't finish the job in Glendale, but it was certainly a season to remember at Auburn.  War Cam Eagle.

The conclusion of the regular season and conference championships two weeks ago brought an end to the epic battle of whims, hunches and guesses from the roundtable chorus.  To tie things up like a white elephant present, below are the final standings for the 2010 picks challenge.

Week 14
Dan: 3-3
Jeremy: 3-2 (-)
Jimmy: 6-0 (+)  (Haiku picks worked like a charm!)
Matt: 2-4 (+)
Mike: 1-5 (-)

Season (Locks of the Weeks)
1. Jeremy: 57-36-2 (10-5)
2. Jimmy: 54-39-3 (9-5-1)
3. Mike: 54-40-2 (10-3-1)
4. Dan: 51-43-2 (6-6-1)
5. Matt: 47-46-3 (7-5-1)

If you had a "horse" in this season long race, there's a 60% chance of a win, place or show.  Congrats to Jeremy for edging the field by a furlough.  As promised in Week 1, he wins a TBD prize commensurate with the honorable distinction of the most handicapped handicapper.  Victory acceptance speech??

For giggles, I checked the last two years of roundtable picks challenges and dug up the following final standings:

2009 Final Standings
1. Dan: 47-35-2 (7-6-1) Went a perfect 5-0 in Week 14 to tie for lead.
1. Jeremy: 47-35-2 (7-6)
3. Doug: 44-38-2 (6-8)
4. Mike: 41-41-2 (4-8)
5. Matt: 39-43-2 (5-8)

2008 Final Standings
1. Mike: 112-95-3
1. Matt: 112-95-3
3. Doug: 105-103-3
4. Dan: 86-90

Apparently, Jeremy is the first outright winner and his +21 W-L differential is the highest in three years.  Impressive work.  I'm amazed how many games were previewed and picked in '08.  You guys were machines.  So far, only 2 out of 14 season-long percentages dipped below .500.  Not too shabby.  Stay tuned for bowl confidence picks coming your way tomorrow.

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