December 30, 2010

Eve of the Eve Thoughts


First off, kudos to Mike "Testing the Waters for One Night with the Full Turtle Neck" Brey and the Irish hoopsters for quite the impressive showing last night.  A full team effort on both ends helped add another signature win to the team's resume.  They rebounded well enough, attacked the rim, shot well from the charity stripe and created good looks from beyond the arc while holding Georgetown to 4-22 shooting.  Sure the Hoyas may have suffered an off night on the road.  But the Irish didn't get beat in another facet and coasted to a relatively easy victory.  Confidence is building in the JACC.  Win one of the next two (@ Cuse, vs. UConn) and pre-season predictions will need revision.


If you haven't seen this yet, click here for Tyreke Evans' incredible half-court buzzer-beating heave.  That's gotta take the crown for best NBA finish of the season.  Re-write all those "Best Plays of 2010" highlight packages because this shoots up the charts.  It had shades of Gordon Heyward's near-miss in the NCAA Title game, except this game featured two below average NBA teams with nothing but lottery ping-pong balls at stake.  Five things I loved after a couple views. 

1. OJ Mayo's shot to take the lead with 1.5 seconds was an 8.6 on the difficulty scale.  Fade away in traffic with a mental clock screaming to shoot it.  One of these days, he'll escape Memphis and be an excellent #2 guard for a contender.  Hopefully while he's still young.
2. DeMarcus Cousins reaction gathering the ball after Mayo's shot was a human moment, what a Kings fan would've done.  But in the blink of an eye, he wiped the disbelief off his face and inbounded the ball to Evans on the run, setting up the miracle finish.  
3. Evan's teammate who runs off the bench and leaps in the air twice before the swish.  Gotta admire his gut instinct the ball would be true. 
4. The celebration.  Love the chest beating on top the scorer's table - very gladiator-like - not to mention the "We're going to the Sweet 16"-esque mob scene on the court.  It'd be nice to see more pure joy after winning celebrations like that in the league, but the Kings may be the exception since their roster is half full of players with college eligibility remaining.   
5. The vertical jump of the fan under the basket wearing red.  He jumps as high as the Kings players.  Get that guy in the D-league!


Wanted to give #6 seed Doug a victor's salute for winning the football league this year.  Think everyone can agree that parity reigns in the NFL (which can be argued as a good/bad thing) and the fantasy playoffs have become quite the crapshoot with injuries, benchings and weird karmic occurrences.  How else can you explain Rex "Left for Dead 3 Years Ago" Grossman, of all people, playing a role in the championship matchup?  (Starting Rex took guts, Doug).  And Peyton Manning burning Matt with his audible and subsequent naked boot for what would have proved the championship deciding fantasy points, until he rejected the easy TD in the name of winning his game, in reality.  One thing is for certain - there's never any shortage of drama.  Way to go Doug.     


Tomorrow marks the first meeting since 1990 between Notre Dame and Miami.  Who would've thunk El Paso, Texas would play host to the two programs stoking the flames of a heated rivalry born out of the 80's.  A welcome renaissance for all college football fans as the schools meet at least three more times over the next 7 years

The Hurricanes are in a bit of  upheaval without a head coach, so Brian Kelly has the sideline advantage to capitalize on.  Indications that Jacory "The Turnover Magnet" Harris will be back under center should have Manti & Co. licking their chops.  The bigger concern is if Tommy Rees can find success through the air against the stiff Miami pass defense.  If the big uglies control the line of scrimmage and Robert Hughes caps his career with one last punishing effort, a few play action throws may be all Rees needs to keep the Canes off balance.  

Think this will be a low scoring affair and the Irish will emerge victorious.  Let's say ND 23  UM 17.


Anonymous said...

Jimbo - Nutz here. Jenna and I went to the ND/GTown game. The first thing Jenna said after we took our seats was that Brey had a full mock on. It was a monumental night indeed.

Jimmy said...

Maybe Brey makes the double leap this year - the Turtle and March Madness guru. Good stuff.

BTW, there's 12 minutes left in the 2nd quarter and the Turnover Magnet has made good on his moniker with 3 picks. What a joker. He may be benched for the rest of the game

Matt said...

Good call on Jacory Harris. He is awful and probably the reason why Randy Shannon doesn't have a job anymore.

Great win for ND. Should be ranked in the preseason top 20. Probably the most exciting time to be an Irish fan in quite some time.