January 11, 2011

War Damn Eagle / Bowl Picks Final Update

Congrats to friend of WeIs Philip Madonia for the National Championship that he is no doubt still celebrating a day later.  We hope to get a first hand account from Phil of the jubilation that comes with winning a title, as most of us were still collecting baseball cards and riding bikes when ND last celebrated a national championship.  Phil was one of the fortunate ones who made it inside the University of Phoenix Stadium to witness the dominance of Nick Fairley.  If the Panthers don't take him number one, there should be an investigation.  Just pure dominance on a night when the Tiger offense wasn't clicking on all cylinders.

Another round of congrats are in order for Mike, as he dominated our blog bowl picks, with a score of 426 points.  Remarkably, there was a tie for 2nd place, with Jimmy and I both totaling 368 points.  My totally arbitrary tiebreaker is the ranking of the national championship game.  So sorry Jimbo, enjoy the view from the basement. 

Only 8 months until college football kicks off again.  Bring on the fighting Skip Holtzes....


Jimmy said...

Not so fast my friend!

By my 3rd grade math, which actually felt like I was in 3rd grade adding 5 big numbers sans calculator, I nudged you by 7 points, 375 - 368.

Looking at correct picks made:
Mike: 21-14
Jimmy: 20-15
Matt: 17-18

And that's the tiebreaker I would use in the event my 3rd grade math is (vincent) askew.

Mike's score humbled us both. Nice work.

Matt said...

My apologies. After a recount, you indeed do stand alone in 2nd place. I'm embarrassed that I came in under .500 without even needing to pick spreads.

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