January 12, 2011

Mike Floyd Returns...FANNNTASTIC!!

Apparently, the snowstorm over the weekend did more than bury my parents in an igloo.  The record deluge may have been the pivotal sign from the heavens that convinced #3 that South Bend is every bit of home sweet snowy home as St. Paul, Minnesota.  How else can you explain Michael Floyd deciding to return for his senior season?

Outstanding news for Irish fans, quarterbacks and coaches alike.  Opposing d-coordinators must be crestfallen (could I have used a more tame description for what went through USF's Skip Holtz and Rick Smith's heads?) hearing that the biggest matchup problem on most schedules wants to spend another season wreaking havoc on Saturdays. 

We'll delve into this terrific piece of news more as we tie up 2010 and look forward to 2011.  For now, as the immortal Jerry says, "Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.


Anonymous said...

Anybody notice the irony of that song quote?

Since when did Deadheads go to ND?

Lord Huggington said...

2011 should be interesting. I used to knock ND for cushy scheduling but only Wake Forest & Purdue of the 2011 schedule had a losing record in 2010. Interesting other stats:

- The W/L% of ND's 2011 opponents this past season is 0.617! (95-59).

- 9 of the 2011 opponents went to a bowl game and 5 of them won their games. (Would have been 10 if USC had been bowl-eligible.)

Anonymous said...


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