December 17, 2005

Mock Force

There's a new trend in sideline attire these days in the college hoops land: the mock turtleneck. Let the pros have their pinstripes and zoot suits. Real men wear mocks. It's got a degree of mulletude to it- business with the coat, comfort with the mock.

Mike Brey introduced us to the look in 2000. I scoffed at first, but it's beginning to grow on me. The underrated look has a yeoman's style unto its own. It's not flashy or gaudy, but dependable with a touch of charm. Normally reserved for holiday gatherings, the likeable mock simply wants acceptance in the mainstream fashion world.

Brey has inspired at least one counterpart, fellow Duke assistant Tommy Amaker, to don the mock. It may just be a winter thing and he'll revert to a snazzier wardrobe come March, but I dig the maize mock. Hopefully, the look spreads around the Midwest before launching a full scale invasion across NCAA ranks. Couldn't you see Jerry Tarkanian revitalizing his career flaunting the mock? Jim Harrick could rebuild his scumbag image by trusting in the power of the mock. Whatever its fate, I consider myself lucky to have the mock on our side.

Check out more of the mock in action as Brey mixes and matches color schemes.


Doug said...

The mock is here to stay. Forget Casual Fridays. It's time to start sporting a comfortable yet manly Mock to work on a Friday. Work productivity will double as a result of the extra neck flexibility.

Doug said...

Great pics. Brey is one dapper gent.

Anonymous said...

The Three Musketeers Rock!