December 18, 2005

Who Dey

1990. You all remember it. A great year indeed.

Admit it, you were all jamming out to these guys on your Walkman...

And when it came to Christmas movies, I'll be damned if I didn't go see this movie about 5 times in the theater that year.

In 1990, this team was celebrating its first World Championship since 1976. Don't even bother to pretend that you weren't sporting some Chris Sabo rec specs in your little league games.

1990 also happened to be the last time the Cincinnati Bengals were playoff bound. Since then, Bengal Nation has suffered through the Dave Shula era, the Klingler debacle, the Ki-Jana ACL tear, Bruce Coslet's whining, Akili Smith scoring a 9 on his Wonderlic test before getting drafted 3rd overall, Corey Dillon throwing his shoulder pads into the stands, and Dick LeBeau's "we tried hard" post game press conferences. 15 long years of ineptitude as a national laughingstock.

Until now. The wait is finally over. Thanks to the Black Jesus himself and the Golden Arm of Carson Palmer, the Bengals are offically playoff bound. 2005 AFC North Champions. Let the celebration begin!

If you want to celebrate Bengals style, feel free to tune in to Cincy native Bootsy Collins' new Bengals theme song.

Fear Da Tiger

Who Dey! Who Dey! Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals!


Jimmy said...

Who Dey! Bengal mania!
The 1990 Bengals, what a team.

A stable of solid running backs: Harold Green, James Brooks, Eric Ball, Stanford Jennings and the immortal Ickey Woods. For some inexplicable reason, I preferred Eric Ball in Tecmo Super Bowl. Todd Philcox and Eric Wilhelm backing Boomer up- there's a couple of name game first ballot HOFers. FYI, Boomer tossed 22 picks that season- outrageous! Standout receviers in Eddie Brown, Tim McGee and Rodney "I Prefer the Visor" Holman. Gotta question Jim Breech missing 3 extra points- a breach of kicker etiquette. Munoz on the O-Line defining the position. Tim Krumrie on the D-line punishing people.

Just for giggles, check out the 1990 Pro Bowl rosters. Some quality players. My favorite- Bart Oates. Conspicuously absent- Tunch Ilkin.

Doug said...

Interesting note on the 1990 Bengals season. The last game of the Bengals season that year was a playoff loss to the Los Angeles Raiders on January 13, 1991.

You all know what happened that day. Bo Jackson got dragged down from behind by Kevin Walker, blew out his hip, and never played football again.

Think about that. Bo Jackson was healthy the last time the Bengals made the playoffs.