January 18, 2006

Beware of the Graves-yard

Ok, there's weight gains, there's really large weight gains, and then there's what happened to Danny Graves this past offseason. These pictures are beyond disturbing. I honestly have no idea how an "athlete" puts on about 100 pounds and suddenly starts looking like a chick all in the matter of one offseason, but Danny Graves has managed to pull it off. Between the shoulder length hair, the black hairband, and the grandma earrings, the guy honestly resembles a 40 year old fat lesbian. Unless he's auditioning for a position with the National Organization for Women, I am totally baffled by this new look.

The close up (don't even try to tell me that looks like a man).

The frontal view (side left--just to prove that it is indeed Danny Graves).

Does that look like a major leaguer to you? Me neither. Good luck with that Indians fans. I would die to see the look on Mark Shapiro's face when he checks his email and sees those photos in his inbox.

Well, now that I mention it...........

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