January 06, 2006

Fiesta Bowl Update

We Is ND hit Tempe by storm, and we have a few photos to highlight the weekend's festivities.

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing the Band of the Fighting Irish, under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Dye, outduel The Ohio State Marching Band at the Battle of the Bands. Yes, that is right, there is a new TBDBITL in town...

We frequented many of the local watering holes, and can honestly say that if Notre Dame had to be located in any other city, Tempe would probably be the first choice. There were some great fans out there, but only one displayed such a great enthusiasm for We Is ND. And for that, we reward the young man with his picture on this great website. What were the chances that the guys tailgating right next to us would have a We Is ND sock-wearer amongst them.

Finally, after 17 straight hours of drinking on January 2nd, we can neither confirm nor deny what we saw. But take a look at this photo, evaluate his mediocre performance in the National Championship game, and judge for yourself who we were partying with.

The Irish may not have won the game, but we had a blast and are already booking our reservations for 2007 in the National Championship. In Charlie we Trust...


Jimmy said...

Plane Ticket to Phoenix: $400
Game Ticket to Fiesta Bowl: $300
Revenge on the Trojans: Priceless

Holla to our #1 Fan. Rock out with your sock out.

Doug said...

Hilarious! Someone send these pics to the Saints before they think about drafting Leinart.

Doug said...

By the way, why is Leinart throwing up a "Hook em" in the top photo? Was the fix in before the game even started?