January 25, 2006

Pop Quiz

After another disappointing, yet tantalizingly close loss, this time at the hands of Georgetown, the Irish hoops team stands 1-5 in the Bigger East. Not exactly the strongest first impression to give our new conference mates. I feel like a teacher at wits end with my class. All the students do their homework, follow the rules and try their damnedest, yet end up making careless mistakes come test time. Similarly, this Irish hoops team has the talent and tenacity to be a darn good team, but keep finding new ways to lose ballgames. Difficult assignments versus two Top 10 teams (Villanova and West Virginia) and always athletic Louisville will require more than an all-nighter to pull off a victory. Like any good prof testing the mettle of his pupils and to give fans a small dose of success with this season, I present you with a pop quiz.

1. Which movie best exemplifies the Irish season thus far?

A. Twilight Zone
B. Groundhog Day
C. 12 Angry Men
D. Hustle & (No) Flow
D. All of the Above

2. More astonishing Colin Falls tidbit?

A. 79% of his shot attempts are of the 3-point variety (at 41% a clip)
B. 35% of his 2-point shots find their target
C. The fact that there's such a disparity between the two

3. What song does Mike Brey serenade the locker room to try and cope with the mounting losses?

A. You Can't Always Get What You Want
B. Don't Stop Believin'
C. Going Down The Road Feeling Bad

4. Name your favorite close game the Irish have won this season?

A. IPFW 65-63
B. Wofford 74-71
C. None

5. Best Coach Brey fashion statement?

A.Cool, Slicked Back Mike
B. Suave, Slicked Over Mike
C. Doesn't matter as long as a mock is involved

Extra Credit:
Who came first? Kevin Pittsnogle or Cletus Spuckler


Matt said...

Great quiz - I think i got an 80%. Number 4 tripped me up - personally i thought that ipfw game was an instant classic.

Doug said...

B, A, B, B, C

EC: Pittsnogle

Memorizing multiple choice answers. Feels like the David Lewis freshman philo seminar all over again. Wonder whatever happened to that guy (AA meetings?)

Jeremy said...

Jimmy, is that some Brey negativity I hear coming out of your camp? Have I finally turned you to the dark side?

Sean said...

I think Cletus is Pittsnogle brother and father.

Dan said...

RIP Gene Siskel

Sean said...

Gene Siskel aka Old Gravy Brain