February 17, 2009

Pitt beats UConn

Big win for Pitt last night. They definitely have the inside track on a #1 seed. I really enjoy watching them play. They aren't super talented, but they play together and are TOUGH and extremely well-coached. I really hope they make a run to the Final Four this year. They deserve it. DeJuan Blair was a monster last night. 22 points and 23 boards. Wow.

The Big East MVP race is going to be very interesting this year. Do you go with a guy like Blair who has been dominant on a great team or a guy like Harangody who has the big time stats??

As for UConn, what are the lingering effects of this Jerome Dyson ACL injury?? How do they replace him?? I thought UConn was the best team in the country before Dyson got hurt, but that is a huge loss for them. That 3-headed monster of Price-Dyson-Walker is suddenly not quite as talented. I'll be curious to see how UConn adjusts to playing without Dyson for the rest of the year.


Jimmy said...

Pitt is as solid a team as there is in the country. If Blair can score against Thabeet, he can score against anyone. Young is a go-to scorer and Fields is the veteran PG needed to make a deep tournament run. Sprinkle in other role players who know when and how to help and Jamie Dixon is has the makings for a title.

UConn's lack of a go-to scorer, exacerbated with Dyson out, and poor FT shooting was going to catch up to them in the tournament. They're still excellent and play top-notch defense, but those are two key areas that will be exposed.

It's a shame the officials relegated Thabeet to the bench with that bogus 4th foul. They should be ashamed of themselves. John Marinatto, BE Commish, should be on the phone with that crew haranguing them for imposing their will on a dream Monday matchup.

Matt said...

I love Gody as much as the next guy, but if Dejuan Blair doesn't win the Big East Player of the Year award there should be an investigation. Notre Dame is irrelevant this year in the Big East. Blair absolutely destroyed Harangody and Thabeet. Case Closed.