February 02, 2009

Willingham in line for another job??

How about this story on ESPN about Ty Willingham possibly ending up as an assistant with the San Francisco 49ers or maybe even the AD at Stanford??

Am I crazy or would any team be out of their mind to even be associated with Ty Willingham at this point?? He's the laziest coach in all of sports and speaks in 100% cliche. Why would any legitimate team/program want anything to do with him??

Could you imagine Ty as an AD?? Talk about mailing it in. He'd treat that job as a part time job at best. If Willingham was giving orders to Harbaugh about the football program, Harbaugh would probably laugh in his face.

Maybe this move would give ND an opportunity to get out of our "long term partnership" with Stanford. If Swarbrick tried to call to renew the series, he'd never reach him!! Ty would be somewhere on the back nine at Pebble Beach.

--Also interesting that Jeff Jagodzinski ended up as the offensive coordinator in Tampa Bay. My take on this Jagodzinski thing is that he wanted out at BC all along this offseason. His recruiting wasn't going well, apparently he didn't like recruiting, and BC is probably poised to have a big drop off in the next couple years. It seems like he saw the writing on the wall and wanted out. Very strange situation. The BC AD seems like sort of a goofy guy. It seems like he has gone out of his way to hurt that program with the O'Brien thing and now Jagodzinski.

I think BC is going to pay the price in recruiting at some point. They had a lot of success recruiting in Ohio under Tom O'Brien (especially some of the Cincinnati Catholic schools; O'Brien was a St. Xavier grad in Cincy), but I have no idea if Spaziani can recruit. Those wells in Ohio appear to have dried up since O'Brien left. BC has a little bit of a "recruits itself" reputation since they can get kids from the East coast and other Catholic kids who just want to go to a good school and live in Boston. They've built a little niche in that department. But that could always change.

Spaziani was a very good defensive coach at BC, but we'll have to see what he's like as a head coach. If he can't recruit and manage the program, they could go through a dark period for awhile. Then again, it seems like it doesn't matter who coaches at BC since they always seem to be a 7-9 win team.

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