January 05, 2009

'Big Game' Ladainian


Stan said...

I would like to give Doug's brother Kenny credit for saying the Paper Champion Chargers should trade Ladanian for the last four years. Think about if they had a great receiver or more stars on d. Maybe they could have traded him to the Chefs and had Herm come over. Draft picks for Herm, nice work Chefs.

I dont know who to cheer for Sunday between the evil black and gold the paper champions.

Somewhere Paul Brown is counting his money from another disastrous year.

Doug said...

A picture sometimes can say a thousand words!

I love how LaDanian was fake-smiling after the game. It was obvious that the guy wasn't even excited about winning the game. The guy has this rep about being a great team player, but it seems like he is always pouting on the sideline. Boo hoo.

Kenny has been the Pied Piper on LaDanian for a long time, and I completely agree. Paying big money for running backs is the heigh of foolishness in the NFL. You cannot trust a running back once they have some mileage on them, and running backs lose their wheels quicker than any other athlete in sports. It's the most overvalued position in the NFL by far. I bet the Chargers are wishing that they had pawned LaDanian off on some sucker for a 1st or 2nd round pick last year or even the year before.

For all the fuss about LaDanian, what has this guy ever done in a playoff game?? I don't have one significant memory of LaDanian Tomlinson. He was a good back, but I don't think I'll ever view him as an all-time great.

If I was the Chargers, I would just play Darren Sproles the rest of the playoffs.