January 27, 2009

Slipping Away

This snapshot is worth at least 2,000 words, or the equivalent of half a Doug post. I imagine the thoughts racing through The Mongoose's mind read something like this:

"What in the name of James A. Naismith is going on?! Did that really just happen? What else do I have to do? Why are half my shots fadeaways and beyond 10 feet? When did we become an NIT team? Why am I not having fun anymore? Is next year going to be like this? Do I leave? This is FUBAR!"

I feel bad for Luke. He doesn't deserve this whatsoever. Who would've thought Rob Kurz was such an integral part of the team's success? Kurz did all the dirty work, guarded the big man, rebounded with pure toughness, scored consistently in double digits (the missing 3rd scorer this year) and opened up the interior for Harangody to operate. Unless something drastic happens, it looks like a bleak March forecast for tournament expectations.

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