July 03, 2008


Are the Rays the best team in baseball?? At this point, would anyone be that shocked to see them on the short list of World Series contenders??

Dickie V says Scott Kazmir is the best pitcher in baseball. I'm not even sure I disagree with that statement. You could argue that James Shields is as good a #2 as anyone in the game. With their rotation and a potent lineup, they have the type of team that is built for a short series.

What do you think??


Matt said...

I've been driving the Rays bandwagon for the past 4 years, so I feel like a proud parent watching Carl Crawford, BJ Upton and Kazmir leading this team to the top of baseball.

Are they the best team in baseball? I say yes. That rotation is solid, bullpen has been lights out and their offense is only going to get better. They have already swept the Cubs, Red Sox (twice) and Angels. If the name on the front of the jersey didn't say Rays, there wouldn't be a question. I'm not ready to say they will win the World Series, but they're going to the playoffs. As far as I'm concerned, Tampa can start selling those playoff tickets right now. They're in.

Jeremy said...

The Baby Rays are set up for a long run atop the AL East and all of baseball. Hell, Upton and Crawford aren't even playing that great so far this year!! Longoria is very clearly the real deal and that pitching staff is silly good.

And don't forget - the Rays have the best pitching prospect in baseball, David Price, sitting the wings waiting to make a Joba-type impact on a playoff run. Price ripped apart A ball to the tune of 4-0 1.82 ERA with a K/BB of 37/7. Since moving up to AA, all he's done is go 3-0, 1.42 ERA. AA batters are hitting .191 against him.