July 10, 2008

Mailing it in

Here is Washington's current list of football recruits for 2009 (note: Notre Dame currently has 11 recruits and even bad programs like Washington State and Arizona have some recruits lined up):

NONE. NONE! ZERO! 0! Are you kidding me??! Ty is literally hanging by a thread at Washington, and yet he has zero recruits signed so far. Probably 95% of Washington fans want him gone, Jim Mora is lurking in Seattle as a possible replacement, he's on every "hot seat" list in the country, and the guy doesn't even care enough to line up even one recruit for next year. You couldn't even possibly try to mail it in more than he has so far.

This is the guy that Notre Dame got ripped for firing and still does to this day?? Ty Willingham??? Seriously?? Maybe the laziest coach in all of American sports?? The guy with a grand total of ZERO recruits who is setting back Washington football for a decade (and almost did the same for Notre Dame football)?? The guy who threw out comments like "last time I checked, we've won four of our last six" as if he deserved some sort of congressional medal of honor?? The guy who loaded ND's roster with 2 star recruits and crippled our program?? The guy who perfected the stoic look while his team competely collapsed around him??

Where are all the columns apologizing to Notre Dame for making the right decision?? Why isn't Michael Wilbon on PTI every day telling the world that Ty Willingham has ZERO recruits for Washington coming in even though his team went 4-9 last year and desperately needs talent?? To say it's a double standard would be the biggest understatement of all time.

I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to call Washington a bunch of "racists" and "a win at all costs program" when they fire Ty after this year. I can't wait to say that "Washington sold its soul" for victories. I can't wait to say things like "The University of Washington and their fans are clearly racist for wanting to get rid of Willingham. If they weren't so concerned with petty things like actually winning games and bringing in recruits and selling out their stadium, they would see that Ty has a lot of integrity and that he's never had a bad day." I might write a 5000 word article on this blog in fact just to rub it in (not that any Washington fans even read this blog. Does anyone read this blog??)

Just seeing that clown's face still chaps me off. Maybe I shouldn't care so much about a failed coach like Willingham, but I don't think I will EVER get over what was said about ND in 2004 even though we CLEARLY did the right thing by getting rid of that lazy clown. I won't be satisfied until he is gone from college football and the media apologizes to ND for slandering the school and the program like it did. Somehow I suspect that I will be waiting a very long time for that apology, and that the media won't be as hard on Washington as it was on ND.

There isn't a score high enough for me when we play them on October 25.


Matt said...

You'd think Ty would at least offer some local kicker to get off the schneid. Maybe he hasn't for fear of getting rejected by a kicker.

The question is, does Ty even survive the season. I'd love for Vegas to set an over/under on what week he gets canned.

Jimmy said...

Ohh, the venom in your voice, Counselor, is just oozing off the page. Maybe you should take the next couple of plays off to clear your head.

Ty's recruiting philosophy boils down to one singular moment for me. I was doing a write up on a Chicago high school playoff game which happened to feature Tregg Duerson, Dave Duerson's son, on one of the teams. After the game, I talked with Tregg about his plans for the future. He seemed very humble about playing college football anywhere, recognizing it was, indeed, an honor.

When I asked him which schools were interested in him, he told me Cornell and Northern Illinois were very interested. And Notre Dame. I could see a legacy such as Duerson getting preferred walk-on status to the team and getting a chance to prove himself. But to offer the kid one of Ty's "prized" scholarships seemed ridiculous. There was no chance this kid was going to play major college football.

That summed up Ty's sorry recruiting career in a nutshell for me that minute.

Sean said...

Is it possible for the sitting president of the AFCA to be fired? Can he still be president and not be a coach?

I have gone on record as saying this before, if Willingham had recruited me I would have never come to ND. His approach to recruiting is high pressure to second tier recruits and spending 8 hours in the homes of recruits he cant have. He was looking for the ND man. What is the ND man? He wanted players that were good Sunday through Friday. And that is who he recruited and that is why ND is in the shit shape it was in. I wanted to play the heighest tier of football and get a education. If I wanted to get an education then play football I would have gone to Stanford and been mediocre. Who what the coach then???

At least Robert Montgomery Davie cared about recruiting. He targeted the best players from around the country and landed a lot of them. Granted he had Urban and Mattison on his staff but he landed players. Willingham fell ass backward into Brady Quinn.

Jeremy said...

ND is certainly never going to get a pat on the back from people like Saunders or Wilbon for what was clearly the right move. Its no secret anymore that Ty is hands-down the worst coach in Division I college football (though Greg Robinson is giving him a run for his money). He's the laughingstock of the blog nation (even the Michigan blogs agree we made the right move in canning him), and will almost certainly get fired this year.

Its just such a shame that the 2002 season, which was a hell of a lot of fun to take part in, had to "legitimize" that idiot in the eyes of some. All one has to do is look at the O-line depth chart and the recruiting rankings to see how freaking terrible he is.

Doug said...

Interesting stuff. Pretty much sums up all that wrong in the Willingham era at ND.