July 18, 2008

Shark Bait

With all the fuss about the other Shark after another solid round in the British Open today, I figured that we would check in on Jeff Samardzija for a quick update.

Even though it makes me cringe to see him in that Cubs uniform knowing that he will likely be pitching in the same division as the Reds for a rival team someday, I'm happy to see him doing well. The promotion to AAA is exciting, and I hope he gets the call up to the bigs in September.

Here are the Shark's stats for this year. A pretty impressive 3.45 in AAA and a solid 31 strikeouts in 31 innings.

Just a quick plug for his website if anyone is interested. Plenty of good stuff on there (including his blog), and I can say from experience that the merchandise makes for a great gift!! So show some support for The Shark and order up an autographed football or a poster. And for you Cubs fans out there (I'll try not to gag), if you can pull yourself away from your pink polo and popped collar for an afternoon, one of those Samardzija jersey tshirts would look pretty cool when you're out at Wrigley Field drinking your Old Styles in the bleachers and cheering for your team to score more "points" than the other one.

Then again, as great as it is to see The Shark succeeding on the diamond, part of me still misses this guy.

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