July 24, 2008

Les Miles: No Inner Monologue

I'll say this about Les Miles. He's not exactly the brighest bulb out there and probably should learn the value of the unexpressed thought, but I'll be darned if he doesn't keep things lively for college football fans.

The latest Miles flap takes us to the Wynfrey Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama for the always entertaining SEC media day. I've never lived south of the Mason Dixon line (just stop with your Cincitucky jokes right now!!) , but I get the impression that the entire Southeastern United States comes screeching to a halt during the SEC Media Days. Great stuff, and it seems like about five controversies emerge every year from all the trash-talking that goes on at this event (see the Urban Meyer-Richt feud that has blown up over that Georgia team endzone excessive celebration last year). I think it is safe to say that Tim Tebow is currently the most famous athlete in all of the south, and now Urban Meyer has told a Miami audience that Tebow "is the greatest player of our era." Seems like a bit of a stretch if you ask me, but there's no denying that Tebow has all the eyes of Dixie upon him.

Anyway, Alabama fans are all riled up this week after the recent comments by Les Miles in front of about 500 LSU fans in a Tiger Tour stop at the Hilton Riverside hotel in New Orleans about the upcoming Alabama-LSU game.

According to The Times-Picayune of New Orleans, Miles cautioned LSU fans “not to make too much of that game, as it seems like a lot of teams in Louisiana beat that team.”

Of course, Miles was referring to Alabama's 21-14 loss to Louisiana-Monroe, two weeks after losing to LSU.

Sounds like Les was just cracking a joke, but the Bama fans are all hot and bothered about it. Gotta love SEC football fans. They are far and away the most intense college football fans out there.

Needless to say, feel free to set your TIVOs now for that Alabama-LSU game in Baton Rouge on November 8. I'm going to take a guess that the game will be played under the lights in front of 92,000 liquored- up, Tiger-Bait chanting Cajuns with Mike Patrick and Todd Blackledge calling the action. Over/under on the number of "HOLY COW!"s from Mike Patrick: 17

As far as Urban Meyer complaining about Georgia's excessive celebration, here is his quote regarding the incident:

“It was a bad deal. And it will forever be in the mind of Urban Meyer and our football team.”

HUH?? When did Urban Meyer turn into Karl Malone?? What's with the third-person reference?? And why are you still whining about this incident??

I think Urban is a big time coach, but he does himself no favors here by complaining about a freaking touchdown celebration. It was a strategic move by Richt to get his team fired up, and it worked. Georgia needed to win that game to get their mojo back, and it propelled them to a top 5 season. Instead of whining about it, Meyer should just tip his cap and figure out a way to get a win next year in Jacksonville.

Anyway, Urban Meyer has a new book coming out titled "Urban's Way." Could be an interesting read. Only SEC coaches could have someone named Buddy write their book. Somehow I doubt there will be too many purchases of that book from Columbus, Ohio or South Bend, Indiana.

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