July 11, 2008

Darrin Walls

UGH. Tough pill to swallow. I hope all is well with him, but he is going to be missed this year. Our best corner.


Probably time to take a peek at the depth chart. We do have a lot of talent at cornerback, but there's a little uncertainty now with Walls out. I hadn't really thought about the cornerback position in awhile because it had seemed like one of our true strengths as a unit, but it's probably going to be a position to keep an eye on in fall camp. The secondary still looks like a strong unit with Bruton and McCarthy back at safety and Lambert at corner, but Walls was definitely our best cover guy.


If the cornerback position is going to remain a strength, we'll need Gary Gray and Rashon McNeil to show that they are ready for big minutes right away. By all accounts, both guys sound like they are going to be good players (especially Gray).

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Sean said...

This is a big loss to the defense since you never want to lose a starter. But I am glad it happened in the secondary. We could not afford this to happen to Mo Crum or any linebacker or anyone on the Defensive line.
I am looking forward to Harrison Smith. The kid is going to be a player. Him and Robert Hughes are break out players on O and D this season.