July 09, 2008

ND-Miami: Make it happen

The U is calling us out for a game. Memo to the new athletic director, we want this game. Get it done, and I'll be there with a "Catholics vs. Convicts" tshirt ready to go. We haven't played Miami in almost 20 years, so it's time to restart the rivalry. They are actually a good opponent for a neutral site game instead of a home and home since we have had bad experiences down at "The OB" in the past. Get this game to a fan-friendly neutral site somewhere on the east coast, and it would be a huge game. Heck, I'll play them at Del Boca Vista retirement community if they want. ND-Miami is a no-brainer, and it's a perfect fit for NBC to use for its primetime telecast vehicle. We don't even need a new AD to say yes to Miami for this game. Then again, knowing our current administration, we'll probably turn it down and immediately use that spot for Baylor. Why set up a game that fans would be excited about for years when you can set up a 48-0 win over Baylor in front of a half-full crowd and about 13 viewers on NBC??

Here's the article from the Miami Herald with the relevant text:

"Hocutt said UM won't play FIU but wants to book marquee opponents and would be interested in speaking with Notre Dame about one of its new, annual prime-time neutral site NBC games."


Just seeing that "ND to renew storied rivalry with Miami" headline on the front page of ESPN.com would be awesome and send an immediate message that we are always willing to line up marquee games.

I'll throw out a perfect venue as well. Giants Stadium. If ND wants to barnstorm, let's take our act to the biggest media market in the country.

Miami is on record saying they want a game. The ball is in our court. We should respond quickly with two words:

"Anytime, anywhere."

If we don't respond, the silence will be deafening.


Sean said...

Never Happen. I know they want it but I dont think it will happen. Only way I think this is a good idea is if we get the revenue like it is a home game. No sharing of profits

Doug said...

Wait, so you're telling me that you wouldn't want to play Miami in a neutral site because we wouldn't get all the money from the deal?? That's ridiculous. If this is the mindset of Notre Dame's administration, then I'm even more concerned than I was before. This is EXACTLY why we don't have "heavyweight" games set up in future years.

Why would we need to take all the revenue for a game like this?? Since when does Notre Dame need revenue?? We have all kinds of revenue from 7 home games, Adidas, and the NBC deal. Money should be the last of our concerns.

Alabama and Florida State played a neutral site game in Jacksonville last year. I didn't see Alabama holding out saying that they needed to take all the money from the game. I didn't see Florida State demanding all the revenue like it was a home game. If those teams can make it work, why can't we??

If Miami wants a cut of the revenue for a neutral site game, give it to them. The publicity and excitement for a Notre Dame-Miami game would far outweigh any short term profit. If you want to protect Notre Dame's legacy in the college football world, we need marquee games like that one. Playing Baylor in Orlando is going to create ZERO interest, zero buzz for NBC, and the stadium probably will be half full. ND-Miami in Orlando would be one of the 2-3 biggest college football games of the year.

We're Notre freaking Dame!! Since when did we turn into a bunch of accountants?? Why is everything suddenly about the money?? Isn't there something to be said for the game itself and the competition?? I don't care whether the football program makes $47 million versus $52 million. I want to see good games that promote our legacy as a program.

Miami has called us out for a game THAT WE HAVE ALREADY SET UP THROUGH NBC, and we're going to turn them down because of a few dollars?? That's completely absurd.

And if money really is the sticking point here, then let's play them home and home. If we want to make "profit," there's plenty of money to be made in a series like that.

Matt said...

If Tight End U won't play the U over a little bit of cash, then consider me a Wake Forest football fan. I refuse to believe that ND will let some revenue sharing interfere with some classic matchups. Maybe I'm just being naive.