December 23, 2005

Fort Worth Bowl

Kansas (6-5) vs. Houston (6-5)

Amon G. Carter Stadium, Fort Worth, Texas

Line: Kansas -3.5

DOUG - Kansas -3.5

Probably the worst bowl game thus far, and a possible sign that there are too many bowl games.

Predicted attendance: 18, 000 (at best)

For my money, I'll give the nod to Kansas purely based on schedule strength and Mangina.

As far as Houston goes, I haven't acknowledged that program since David Klingler became a Bengal. Just thinking about the University of Houston makes me sick. That damn "run n shoot" conned the Bengals into drafting Klingler, and set back the franchise five years. I refuse to root for that program in any game.

Kansas 23 Houston 14

Matt - Kansas -3.5

I really have nothing to say about this game. I'd probably rather it wasn't played. Kansas supposedly has a great rushing defense. Houston has a qb Kevin Kolb that probably would have been better as closer for the Braves than freaking Danny Kolb. Edge - KU

On a totally different note, i drove across the great state of Pennsylvania today and it cost me a whopping $19 in tolls. They require me to pay $19 just to drive on their roads. I don't like that.

Prediction: Kansas 23 Houston 21
Wager: None, these teams aren't worth my hard earned money

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