December 21, 2005

I'm Going Bowling

As much as I'd love to dust "Wurms" off and throw some stones, I'm talking the disputed champion for Greatest Two Week Span of Sports- College Bowl Season. Rivaled only by the first two weeks of March Madness, the 28 games in 16 days slate is football for the soul. Two teams duking it out in front of the largest forum to showcase their talents. The spotlight shines a little brighter on the conferences, weeding the haves from have-nots in regional dominance.

Each new season brings the prospect of sillier corporate named bowls with zero relevance to the game. This year's winner goes to MPC Computers with Meineke running a close second. Sad to see the Humanitarian get bought out. Where for art my defunct bowl games? How I miss the Tangerine, Bluebonnet, Aloha, and Salad Bowls.

Detractors cry that the expanding number of games waters down the matchups. Mediocrity gets rewarded more and more with half of this year's teams sporting a 6-5 or 7-4 record. But look past the records and unfamiliar names like Arkansas St. and South Florida. Realize that these teams feature the future Sunday playmakers of America, diamonds in the rough that blossomed at non-traditional football powers to help their school reach new heights of exposure.

Purists lick their chops for dream matchups such as Michigan-Nebraska and Notre Dame-Ohio St. (only the 5th ever meeting between the two storied schools). Barry Alvarez gets one last deserved hurrah. Steve Spurrier gets a welcome back to college final exam. Intriguing storylines run deep all around as another memorable season bows out stylishly with the sexiest matchup of them all- USC-Texas. You think you're excited for bowl season? Feel my nipples.


Matt said...

My favorite defunct bowl game - The Bacardi Bowl played in Havana Cuba. Great matchup between Auburn and Villanova. I'm sure the locals were going nuts

Doug said...

Bet the UT fans were thrilled about going to North Jersey for the holidays to play in the Garden State Bowl.

Nothing like the smell of raw sewage to get me into the Christmas spirit!

Anonymous said...

I can tell you are a man of style.