December 23, 2005

Motor City Bowl

Akron (7-5) vs. Memphis (6-5)

Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan

Line: Memphis -5.5

Doug: Memphis -5.5

With all due respect to the MAC Conference, I like Memphis in this game. I've had a chance to watch Akron a couple times, and haven't been particularly impressed. I have no idea how they pulled off the MAC title, but they aren't the best team in the MAC this year.

Memphis is a solid team with all-world running back (and friend) DeAngelo Williams and a pretty good defense.

Time for the MAC to start lobbying for a new destination for their league champ. You're telling me the best game they could find for the league champion was the Motor City Bowl in freakin Detroit? I mean, nothing against Detroit (I would be thrilled to visit there next month if the Bengals were playing a Super Bowl game there), but it's not exactly a great destination for a bowl game. I'd rather play the game in some high school stadium in Ocala, Florida over Detroit.

If anything, move the game to Windsor, Canada. At least the players could enjoy themselves ordering beverages at "The Beer Store" and singing karaoke at "The Crazy Horse Saloon." Great city. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit there sophomore year of college, and have a lifelong devotion to Tim Hortons following a few late night trips to that fine establishment. Much to my delight, Columbus is loaded with Tim Hortons, so I'm never more than a 5 minute drive from some delicious Timbits.

Memphis 30 Akron 21

Matt: Memphis -5.5

Another one of those games that really doesn't get me pumped. Maybe it's the fact it's Akron against Memphis, two schools that don't have any tradition or rabid fans (or any fans? I've lived in Cleveland for three years and never once have seen an Akron fan). Maybe it's the fact that the game is played in Detroit. Was the stadium in Gary, Indiana booked when they were planning? I couldn't think of a worse place to go when your bowl game is supposed to be a reward.

As for the game, when in doubt, go with the best player on the field. And that, by a million miles, is DeAngelo Williams. I've actually never seen the guy play, so that is the only real reason i'll be tuning in.

Since I have nothing else to say about the game, i'll just ask how the hell can Matt Millen keep his job this year? It isn't possible is it? Everyone kinda thought he was a little nutty when he picked three wide receivers in the first round for three straight years. And the Lions are a total joke, they have gotten worse every year. I don't think it is possible for them to be any worse next year. Might as well just bring back Wayne Fontes as coach, Scott Mitchell as qb and let Mel Gray return a few punts just for laughs.

Prediction: Memphis 27 Akron 17

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Jimmy said...

I'm just excited to tune in for the chance to see blue and white clad fans at Ford Field, a far cry from the travesty that occurred when the Bengals came to town and Lions fans donned the visiting orange in defiance of the Matt Millen era.