December 29, 2005

Quick Picks

It suddenly occurred to us that there is no freaking way we'll be able to provide in-depth previews of the rest of the bowl games. We're off to Tempe tomorrow, so time to scale down the bowl picks and make some "Quick Picks" on the fly for the rest of these bowl games (except the Fiesta Bowl and Rose Bowl). No stats, no breakdowns, just pure stream of consciousness writing and gut feelings for all 14 of these games. Apologies in advance to the four actual readers that we have (if that), but this is the best we can offer.

Next year, we will be more on the ball with getting the picks up early and often(or if you like it we'll just make the "quick picks" a regular feature).

Still planning a big preview of the Fiesta Bowl and hopefully the Rose Bowl next week when we get back.

Holiday Bowl – Oregon vs. Oklahoma (Line: Oregon -3.5)

Doug: Oregon -3.5. Seems like everybody is on the “Cal didn’t show up in the Holiday Bowl last year after they got passed over by the BCS, so Oregon won’t either” bandwagon. I’m a little skeptical of that. Oklahoma did not impress me this year at all, even with Peterson. Oregon 31 Oklahoma 20

Matt: Oklahoma +3.5. I really didn't know who to take in this one. Oklahoma has been improving all year, and Rhett Bomar finally seems to be a competent QB. Not sold on Oregon even though they've been winning without Clemens. It's the Holiday Bowl, so... Oklahoma 41 Oregon 37

Music City Bowl – Virginia vs. Minnesota (Line: Minnesota -5)

Doug: Minnesota -5. The Cavaliers are the biggest frauds in college football year in and year out. The next big game they win will be the first. Minnesota will be fired up and run the ball all over Virginia. Minnesota 24 Virginia 17

Matt: Minnesota -5. When are all of Al Groh's recruiting classes going to actually do something. The fact that two of his assistants got head coaching jobs is a little odd, and just shows how much these teams underacheive. Lawrence Maroney goes over 200 on the ground. Minnesota 27 Virginia 18

Sun Bowl: Northwestern vs. UCLA (Line: UCLA -3)

Doug: UCLA -3. Should be an entertaining game if you like offense. Had a chance to go to the OSU-Northwestern game earlier this year. Northwestern doesn’t even pretend to play defense, and their special teams are terrible. UCLA has the better athletes, and will find a way to win this game. UCLA 45 Northwestern 31

Matt: UCLA - 3. Believe me, i think UCLA is one of the most overrated teams in the country. Their fans would probably be more excited to find a new trendy restaurant that serves a good shrimp cocktail than win the Sun Bowl. But Brent Musberger would probably look pretty good right now to Randy Walker at the two deep in the secondary. UCLA wins in a shootout. UCLA 42 Northwestern 37

Independence Bowl: South Carolina vs. Missouri (Line: SC -4.5)

Doug: South Carolina -4.5 - Three words: Steven Orr Spurrier. I’d bet Spurrier doesn't even acknowledge Missouri football, and probably can't even point out the state on a map. Quick sidenote on Spurrier: Can he even name 10 schools out of the SEC conference? Does he just fill in his coaches poll ballot with 10 SEC teams and leave the rest blank? South Carolina 31 Missouri 17

Matt: Missouri +4.5. I was starting to warm up to the 'Ol Ballcoach again. Then he had to go run his mouth about ND and their schedule and vote them lower than any coach in america. I think the good Brad Smith shows up, but it's not enough to save Gary Pinkel's job. He gets the 'pinkel' slip after the season. Missouri 18 South Carolina 13

Peach Bowl: Miami (Fla.) vs. LSU (Line: Miami -7.5)

Doug: Miami (Fla.) -7.5. Three more words: Les Miles. The white Ty Willingham. Most overrated coach in the country. I have never been impressed with Les Miles as a coach. With Saban in the NFL, the LSU program will decline rapidly over the next few years. Put that in pen. Miami will be fired up and ready to roll. 7th Floor Crew for life! Miami 27 LSU 10

Matt: Miami (Fla.) -7.5. No Jamarcus Russell? No way. Miami 31 LSU 13

Meineke Bowl: South Florida vs. NC State (Line: NC State -3.5)

Doug: South Florida +3.5. Upset alert! NC State has not distinguished themselves at all this year. Seems like a program in decline. On the other hand, this is a statement game for South Florida. When in doubt, I’ll go with the team that needs to win this game more. South Florida 21 NC State 17

Matt: NC State -3.5. If Chuck Amato loses this game he should be forced to listen to taped recordings of his own voice until spring ball. USF had the chance to play West Virginia for the Big East title and couldn't beat UConn. They are not a good program. Hang that on the bulletin board Jim Leavitt. NC State 27 USF 10

Liberty Bowl: Fresno State vs. Tulsa (Line: Fresno State -7)

Doug: Fresno State -7. How the heck did this game get a December 31 bowl slot? This matchup has December 23rd bowl game written all over it. Needless to say, I’m not that excited about the Liberty Bowl this year (especially compared to last year's Louisville-Boise State epic battle), and I feel sorry for the good people of Memphis for having to host it. I’ll go with Pat Hill’s fighting moustaches. Fresno State 31 Tulsa 14

Matt: Tulsa +7. I can't help but feel that Fresno State's season ended in the Coliseum against USC. As hard as the 'stache will try, I don't think Fresno gets up for this game. Tulsa played well down the stretch and has to be pumped after the turnaround from three years ago. Tulsa 37 Fresno State 34

Houston Bowl: TCU vs. Iowa State (Line: TCU -3 )

Doug: TCU -3. Virtual home game for TCU. I learned all I needed to learn about ISU’s character during that gag job against Kansas at the end of the year that deprived them of a spot in the Big 12 North title game. TCU 20 ISU 10

Matt: TCU -3. Iowa State has no backbone. Couldn't close out an awful Big 12 North. Again. TCU is an incredible loss against SMU from playing in the BCS. TCU 37 Iowa State 14

Outback Bowl: Iowa vs. Florida (Line: Florida -1)

Doug: Florida -1. Iowa is just not a very good team this year. Look up their results. I can’t even believe they are playing in this game. Florida is a legit top 15 team this year, and should be even better in the coming years. No way Urban Meyer loses this game. Won’t happen. Florida 24 Iowa 7

Matt: Florida -1. Florida program is in mini-shambles after Urban's first year. Mega-prospect qb Josh Portis appears to be headed out the door, and Urban has Chris Leak running an offense that doesn't quite fit his talents. Throw in a loss against Spurrier and a tiny bit of doubt about Meyer's credentials (Let's just say the words Utah and Bowling Green don't get much respect in SEC Country) and this is a big game for Florida. They'll win. Florida 20 Iowa 17

Cotton Bowl: Texas Tech vs. Alabama (Line: Texas Tech -4 )

Doug: Alabama +4. I already know how Matt is betting on this one. Matt might as well just change his name to Mike Leach Jr. In fact, I think it's possible that Matt is the biggest Texas Tech apologist in America outside of Lubbock, Texas. I’ll go with the opposite just for giggles (although it still makes me uneasy to bet on a Shula). Alabama 23 Texas Tech 21

Matt: Texas Tech -4. I can't wait for this one! Did I miss something? Is Bear Bryant coming back to coach? Is Shawn Alexander lining up at RB with Dennis Riddle? Did Tyrone Prothro's leg miraculously unsnap? No? Oh, well then how is Alabama going to score 4 points let alone cover! Ok, so I'm exaggerating just a bit. Let me take off my Red Raider shaded goggles. I don't think Alabama's defense will slow down Cody Hodges enough to make up for Alabama's awful offense. Texas Tech 27 Alabama 6

Gator Bowl: Louisville vs. Virginia Tech (Line: Virginia Tech -8.5 )

Doug: Louisville +8.5. The last few Virginia Tech games I saw left a bad taste in my mouth about that team. The Vick Brothers are quickly becoming the most overrated QB tandem in football history. Va Tech wins, but Louisville covers. Va Tech 31 Louisville 27

Matt: Virginia Tech -8.5. No Brian Brohm? No way. Virginia Tech 34 Louisville 17

Capital One Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Auburn (Line: Wisconsin +11 )

Doug: Wisconsin +11. I think Auburn wins this game, but I refuse to throw away 11 points like that, especially against a Big 10 team. Auburn 17 Wisconsin 10

Matt: Auburn -11. I realize that is it is a Big 10 team with their legendary coach in his last game. I just don't think Wisconsin is good enough to stay with Auburn. Auburn 41 Wiconsin 18

Sugar Bowl: West Virginia vs. Georgia (Line: Georgia -7 )

Doug: Georgia -7. Seems like there is some momentum to pick a West Virginia upset. I’m not buying it. I am not convinced that West Virginia is a great team, and there is no way they are beating Georgia in Atlanta unless they are a great team. WVU lost to Va Tech by double digits at home. Georgia might be one of the four or five best teams in America this year. Dawgs roll. Georgia 31 West Virginia 13

Matt: Georgia -7. I was all ready to pick West Virginia to cover in this game. When I watched them against Pitt they were unstoppable rushing. But this isn't Pitt in Morgantown. UGA in Atlanta is a whole 'nother story. The fact that WVU is soooooo one dimensional on offense (118th in pass) means Georgia is going to be flying all over the field stopping the run. Throw in the fact both RB and QB are freshman, and this could get ugly. Georgia 27 West Virgina 13

Orange Bowl: Penn State vs. Florida State (Line: Penn State -9.5)

Doug: Florida State +9.5. Give Bobby Bowden and company a month, and I think they’ll hold up just fine. Wouldn’t be surprised to see FSU win this game outright. I think Penn State is a good team this year, but they are probably less talented than FSU when you break it down. I like Penn State to pull it out, but I think the game will be close. Penn State 20 Florida State 14

Matt: Florida State +9.5. I know that this Penn State is a play away from being undefeated. But there is just something that I can't put my finger on that hasn't made me a true believer in this team. Maybe it's the missed tackle by Northwestern. Or the fact that this team was so dreadful the past two years. I think FSU has more speed than anything Joe Pa saw in the Big 10, and wouldn't be surprised to see a FSU upset in Miami. I'm not that brave to predict it, but it will be closer than the experts think. Penn State 26 Florida State 24

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