December 17, 2005

Houston Texans

Figure I'll toss this question out there for the blogging nation.

Q: If you were the Houston Texans, would you use the #1 pick on Reggie Bush or trade the pick?

Call me crazy, but I'm trading that pick! Has anyone seen the Texans play?! They might have the worst offensive line I've ever seen. Even the Bengals were getting a ton of pressure on Carr and brought him down a few times. I don't care if Reggie Bush is the next Barry Sanders. Houston will never be a winner with that garbage line. I'd be trading down, take a stud LT (Ferguson maybe) and pick up another first or second round pick to use on a good defensive player or another lineman. They already have a capable running back in Dom Davis.

Believe me, I think Reggie Bush is incredible, and I'm sure he will put up big stats no matter where he is. But does he make Houston a great team? Ehhhh.

Personally, I think RB is the most overrated position in the NFL. You can find good RBs anywhere. Look at Denver. Terrell Davis, Olandis Gary, Anderson, Bell, Portis, Ron freaking Dayne. Doesn't matter who they plug in because they have a good system and good linemen. Same goes for the Steelers throughout the Cowher era. The Bengals drafted Rudi Johnson in the fourth round. Anyone who watched Rudi Johnson in Bengals preseason games knew the guy had ability. All he needed was a chance.

If you were to ask the Bengal coaching staff who the MVP of the Bengals is this year, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them named Levi Jones. Never gives up sacks, great run blocker, rarely misses a play. Every draft "expert" ripped the Bengals for taking the guy, but he's turned out to be a complete stud and pretty damn valuable.

I'd much rather have a great left tackle or a stud pass rusher over a great running back. Obviously quarterback is pretty damn valuable, but there are so many busts out there that it's a huge (and expensive) risk. I'd stay away from the QBs unless the guy looked like an absolute sure thing (Elway, Manning). The stud linemen taken at the top of drafts (Ogden, Walter Jones, Boselli, Pace) are almost always guaranteed studs.

Look at the Lions. They went for the flashy "skill" guys the last three years, and they havent' gotten a lick better. Basically they passed up three straight drafts to try to get better up front and on the defensive side of the ball, and now they're screwed.

If there's a stud lineman out there or a Dwighty Freeney type player, I'd be trading that pick if I were the Texans.

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