December 20, 2005

SNL Skit - "CHRONIC-les of Narnia"

I know, I know. SNL sucks these days.

With that said, I heard about this rap video from Saturday's show and looked it up.

Basically, it's just Chris Parnell and Andy "Don't call me Ryne" Samberg busting hard core rhymes about everyday life. Title of the song is "Lazy Sunday." It's no Will Ferrell skit, but I was cracking up.

Pretty damn funny. Here it is. Enjoy.

Call me crazy, but I think SNL is due for a comeback. Samberg seems like he's got some potential, and there's another young gun whose name slips my mind but does pretty funny impressions.


Doug said...

Gets better every time. Parnell needs a best of at this point.

"It's all about the Hamilton's baby"

Doug said...

Adam Samberg could double for Jeff Samardzija in a pinch.