December 30, 2008

AT&T Cotton Bowl -- Mississippi (8-4) vs. Texas Tech (11-1) (Cotton Bowl Dallas, Texas January 2, 2009 2pm FOX)

Tie Ins: SEC vs Big 12

Dan: Texas Tech -5.5

At this point, my faith in the Big 12 is looking misplaced after Missou’s struggles with Northwestern. However, this still strikes me as a mismatch. I loved going with Ole Miss in the SEC because the powers that be in the SEC were down this year. TT was looking like they had a chance to play for the national title not too long ago. They should be able to take care of business against an Ole Miss team whose defense has no chance of stopping Michael Crabtree.

Texas Tech 31 Ole Miss 21

Matt: Texas Tech -5.5

I think this game all comes down to the mindset of Texas Tech. Are they upset that they’re not in the BCS, Harrell didn’t get the invite to New York or their coach is constantly mentioned as a candidate for every opening in America? Or are they happy to be playing in a January bowl game. It sounds like the game is a sellout and I’m sure it’s going to be 80% or more Texas Tech fans, so I think they will come out fired up for this one. It is the last game for Harrell and probably Crabtree and I think they score plenty of points to win this one.

Texas Tech 43 Ole Miss 31

Mike: Mississippi +5.5

Mississippi's defensive front four will be the difference this game, thus proving yet again that football is won in the trenches, not on the chalkboard. But don't tell that to Charlie Weis because he isn't listening.

Mississippi 28 Texas Tech 27

Doug: Mississippi +5.5

Pretty interesting game for the locals in Dallas. If they can pry themselves away from the Cowboys drama, they should have a good game to watch at the Cotton Bowl.

I love watching this Ole Miss team play, so I'm going with a sentimental pick here. Ole Miss plays physical football and tries to win games in the trenches. Texas Tech loves to fling it around, and they have been better this year defensively.

My top five coaching performances of the year:

1) Paul Johnson
2) Turner Gill
3) Houston Nutt
4) Nick Saban
5) Brian Kelly

I'm hoping to watch some of this game because I'd like to see how Michael Oher looks. Get me the "Blind Side" to the Bengals!!

Ole Miss 24 Texas Tech 21

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