December 29, 2008

Chick-fil-A Bowl -- LSU (7-5) vs. Georgia Tech (9-3) (Georgia Dome Atlanta December 31, 2008 7:30pm ESPN)

Tie In: ACC #2 vs SEC

Dan: Georgia Tech -4

I’m still riding the Paul Johnson bandwagon hard while avoiding the Les Miles train at all cost. LSU just doesn’t have a quarterback this year and I don’t think they can score enough points to hang with the punishing GT rushing offense. LSU has packed it in this year and they are down for the count.

GT 31 LSU 17

Matt: Georgia Tech -4

It’s going to be very interesting to see how the locals react when/if Les Miles struggles again next season. I know that he has a national championship, but doesn’t it seem like nobody has really quite warmed up to him as a really good coach. This season has been a total disaster. The putridity of the offense is defensible, although hitching your seasons fortunes to such a thug as Perriloux was dumb. However, the downfall of the defense has been unbelievable. Did Dorsey mean that much to this team? (Not if you ask Chiefs fans) I think GT blows the doors off of LSU in this one. The triple option is running on all cylinders now.

Georgia Tech 41 LSU 20

Mike: Georgia Tech –4

Using my aforementioned powers of “motivation prognostication,” I hereby declare that LSU will not be very excited to play this game. More importantly, the 2008 Bayou Bengals have underachieved all season long and there is no reason to believe that this game will be any different. For what it’s worth, I would love to see Paul Johnson stalking the sidelines in South Bend, even though it will never happen.

Georgia Tech 28 LSU 14

Doug: Georgia Tech -4

Maybe my bowl game lock of the year. A motivated Georgia Tech team looking to put a cap on an outstanding first season for Paul Johnson versus a dispirited LSU team that is just looking to get this season over with. LSU is going to get smoked in this game, especially since they probably haven’t faced an option team all year. A disciplined team like Georgia Tech is going to have a field day against LSU’s defense.

I have some thoughts on LSU that I’ll maybe save for a blog post, but I will say that I think that program has hit a bit of a crossroads. Les Miles is fully in charge of this program now, and it’s a bit interesting that he had a bad year in the first year he didn’t have Bo Pelini around or some of the old Nick Saban players. It looks like they are making a change at defensive coordinator with the reports that they are going to bring in John Chavis from Tennessee, so maybe they are going to look better defensively next year. They certainly took a step back without Bo Pelini around on that defense. If “The Hat” has another down year, there will be some heavy grumbling from the fanbase. They had a lot of veteran players this year, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t have been a top 15 team this year. Disappointing year in Baton Rouge.

It is amazing to me the level of financial commitment that you see at these big time SEC schools. Money is no concern in the SEC. These schools are constantly hiring and firing coordinators and paying big money to pry assistants from other schools. The arms race in the SEC is crazy to me.

Meanwhile, Georgia Tech has to be flying high after that huge win at Georgia at the end of the year. Paul Johnson is a straight up miracle worker. He’s probably the coach of the year if you ask me, and Georgia Tech must be doing cartwheels to have him around.

Georgia Tech 33 LSU 10

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M said...

Bwahahaha! I hope you guys don't bet with your own money. "Lock of the year," indeed.