December 09, 2008

Kerry Wood to the Tribe?

Wow, a potential steal for Mark Shapiro and the Cleveland Indians to get Kerry Wood. Wood is streaky and has health concerns obviously, but there is no denying that he is a capable closer. He still has the stuff to strike people out, and his ERA last year (3.26) was pretty good. That's not a bad signing for a two year deal.

And Kerry Wood will be a god in Cleveland. He is sort of a blue collar guy. I'm expecting the locals to love him up at The Jake. The Indians have been desperate for a closer for the last couple years, so hopefully this signing puts Joe Borowski out to pasture. Good move by the Tribe. If Cliff Lee and Fausto can give them stability at the top of the rotation to go with Wood and Betancourt and Perez in the bullpen, that's not a bad pitching staff.

The Indians had a disappointing 2008, but they finished strong down the stretch. Between Sizemore and Victor Martinez and the suddenly emerging Shin-Soo Choo (who was incredible down the stretch last year), they have some pieces in their lineup to build around as well. Now the Tribe need to find a performance enhancing drug that can't be detected for The Artist Formerly Known as Travis Hafner. What has happened to him??

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