December 29, 2008

Texas Bowl -- Western Michigan (9-3) vs. Rice (9-3) (Reliant Stadium Houston, Texas December 30, 2008 8pm NFL Network)

Tie Ins: Big 12 vs CUSA

Dan: Rice -3

Here is a shoot-out that should be fun to watch. It is also another game where I like the favorite. Rice has won 6 straight in fairly impressive fashion. Meanwhile, Western Michigan’s two toughest MAC opponents (CMU and BSU) beat them by a combined 33 points. I don’t think Western Michigan’s offense is quite good enough to hang with Rice’s in this shoot-out.

Rice 41 Western Michigan 31

Matt: Rice -3

Jarett Dillard is the best player that most people haven’t heard of. Look for him on Sundays.
Rice 41 Western Michigan 13

Mike: Rice –3

This game should serve as Exhibit A for those petitioning to reduce the number of bowl games. As an aside, I am surprised that Bill Cubit from WMU has not received more consideration for some major head coaching jobs such as Syracuse. Cubit has really done a nice job in Kalamazoo.

Rice 35 Western Michigan 31

Doug: Rice -3

The Texas Bowl was actually an option for ND this year. Thank god for the Hawaii Bowl. If we were playing Rice on the NFL Network, I would not have watched the game. I don’t have the NFL Network, and I’m not going to a sports bar on a Tuesday to watch ND-Rice. I’m glad it worked out for us in the Hawaii Bowl. It was a perfect venue for the team, and the nationwide audience certainly did not hurt the program. Recruits will take notice that ND can still find a way to an attractive venue even when we have a bad year.

As for the game, it is played in Houston, so I expect Rice to have the homefield advantage. My strategy in this bowl season has been to pick against MAC schools, so I don’t see any reason why I won’t continue with that theme in this game.

Rice 47 Western Michigan 35

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